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  1. anyone already thinking about the next one?
  2. This DDC will be closing
  3. new and excited!
  4. 13.5 wks later but Teagan's Birth Story & My VBA2C Success!
  5. Getting into the facebook group?
  6. Anyone up for a new chat thread?
  7. I just realized.... our DDC will be gone soon
  8. Chat Thread: July 27-Aug 2
  9. How big are they now?
  10. Chat Thread July 19-25
  11. Target is marking down carseats
  12. PP Bleeding?
  13. Chat thread July 9-16
  14. DS just about gave DH a heart attack
  15. Embarrasingly overdue birth notice and story!
  16. Theodore Welcome
  17. Chat thread June 29 - July 6
  18. 4th of July Plans
  19. Can I get some input from new mama's?
  20. Judah Robert Jeffery is here- finally!
  21. pictures of tove brave
  22. My baby girl is here!
  23. PP Chat Thead - June 17-23
  24. Milestones
  25. Kynan Glenn is here :)
  26. How long before labour started did you have diarrhea? TMI
  27. tove brave has finally arrived.
  28. Birth story
  29. Baby Kane is HERE!!!
  30. How soon after baby can I actually DTD?
  31. My birth story...Long
  32. Penny Bellana's birth (long)
  33. PP Chat Thread June 8-14
  34. Am I the only prego one left?
  35. Real Contractions... FINALLY!!! Updated with pics!!!
  36. I'm fricking done
  37. Afterpains anyone?
  38. the 2vbac homebirth of pearl frances...1 pic possibly nsfw
  39. Being induced tonight
  40. Birth Announcements?
  41. PP BM maybe tmi
  42. What's your PP bleeding been like?
  43. It's June
  44. PP Chat Thread - June 1-7
  45. Birth story!
  46. Another May boy!
  47. Lucia Mae Has Arrived!
  48. Finally!! Welcoming Olivia Jane!! ** Added Pictures!**
  49. Announcing Baby Belle!
  50. Anthony John IV
  51. Rowan Vashti's fast arrival on her due date
  52. Painful experience, now worried about birth
  53. Maya Peace Is Here!!!
  54. **finally Paisley is HERE!!!** eta pics link
  55. Looks like today is the day!
  56. Astrologer in the house...
  57. Welcoming Julian Yale! *Added 2 photos*
  58. My baby is born!
  59. Giving castor oil a try
  60. Elliott Giles is here!
  61. Successful VBAC 5-25 !!
  62. Postpartum aches on butt bones and pee area?
  63. Teagan Marie arrived 5/24/09 after a successful VBA2C!!!
  64. Nipple Stimulation *TMI*
  65. Birth Story!
  66. Ethan is here!
  67. What do you expect from your partner?
  68. PP Chat Thread - May 25-31
  69. It's my due date...... UPDATE - Isla Florence is here!
  70. Miriam is born!
  71. Aiden Is Here!
  72. Aria Wren is here
  73. Baby born Tuesday, feet/ankles STILL swollen
  74. Water broke this morning, yet no labor still
  75. Think it is finally time...Heading to the hotel
  76. Peter Mike's birth announcement and story (long, water hb)
  77. She's here! Our planned homebirth turned unplanned UC w/ pics!
  78. Adlai's birth story
  79. Nine days later...Chloe's birth story (long!!)
  80. Isla Audrey
  81. She's here :)
  82. PP mamas: How often does your baby poo?
  83. Eliza Hope arrived!!
  84. Baby John is here
  85. Baby movement before labour
  86. Baby T is here *updated with pictures*
  87. When does this stupid line go away?
  88. The babies are here!!
  89. normal? or should I call the OB?
  90. I'm pretty sure I'm in labor FINALLY!!!! (Updated w/ pics!)
  91. Baby Girl!
  92. 40 week midwife appt...depressing
  93. Patrick Carson
  94. Those with babe in arms already, clothing size questions!
  95. My water broke, I think I'm next...:)
  96. Welcome Emory Jane!-update with birth story and pix post 21
  97. Haven't lost mucous plug, but....
  98. Just Because My Door Is Open DOES NOT Mean I Want To Talk To You!
  99. Tip for those still waiting to deliver (hospital birth)
  100. Swollen feet following delivery?
  101. Still pregnant? PP? Everyone's VENT thread
  102. Jonas Christopher has arrived!
  103. is it too late to join?
  104. Headstands now...
  105. Accidental *Almost* UC-After-VBAC happy-ending-homebirth
  106. Overdue and no pre-labor signs
  107. Calum Forester
  108. May 20-27 Chat thread...
  109. Evelyn Rose
  110. Today's the day
  111. Helen Barrett is here! - updated with video in post #24
  112. feel like I'm on a see saw...up and down
  113. BAD appointments today...
  114. :( Grrrr...My ear
  115. Due Date today :) and facing u/s and NST...
  116. Inducing Labor naturally??
  117. Baby Aaron is here!
  118. Runny nose???
  119. Anyone else not peeing when they sneeze?
  120. picture
  121. Stripping Membranes?
  122. Samara's Birth Story (very very long)
  123. My Labor/Birth slideshow
  124. Possibly in Labor! Updated! Baby is Here
  125. TMI. Sticky discharge???
  126. Baby G is here!!! (more intense birth story/details in post 25)
  127. I got my VBAC!
  128. If this isn't labor I quit
  129. Water possibly trickling?
  130. Post Partum Weekly Thread May 17-23
  131. Those that are still pregnant-how's your sleep?
  132. Are labor ctx always in your abdomen?
  133. Not even jogging seems to help start any waves here...
  134. Avalon Gwendolyn
  135. Two sick kiddos
  136. Big babies!
  137. I am starving!
  138. the_lissa is a mama of 3!
  139. Don't forget to update the "birth prediction" thread!
  140. Well, I can't believe it but my baby is here!
  141. EPO and...uh...stomach upset?
  142. Baby Chloe is finally here!
  143. EPO questions
  144. Calling all "overdue" mamas...
  145. My birth ball just burst
  146. Eve Marie!
  147. I am BOILING
  148. he's here!
  149. Remind me about contractions...
  150. Frustrated, need advice
  151. Measurement help needed
  152. changing diapers
  153. Surprise! Adeline is here!
  154. Apparently I have a stomach of steel...
  155. ugh...feeling down.
  156. Never Ending Contractions...
  157. Tynan Edward arrived 5/8, a week early and FAST
  158. Sick and due any day :(
  159. annabelle is here!! update post 17
  160. Could this be it? :) Updated post #6 - Definitely in early-mid labor
  161. waiting for baby...
  162. TMI Warning!! Discharge question.
  163. I kid you not: Update in post 20
  164. Please Vote in my Baby Name Poll!
  165. Had my Cervix "Moved"
  166. Appointment with midwife today...
  167. It's a girl: Violet Ava!
  168. Poll:for those who've had babies already
  169. Hernia and lots of pain...hoping for baby to stay in!
  170. Paging Nolansmom..
  171. We had our baby too! Birth story
  172. no one sleeps alone in our house
  173. May 12-19 chat
  174. Do you think trying too hard to induce labor backfires?
  175. Strangers predicting the sex?
  176. Picture!
  177. info about stress stalling labor?
  178. Another one....
  179. Any experience refusing an induction at 42 weeks? Update post #22
  180. Anyone have their membranes stripped?
  181. Another May Baby!
  182. Our baby is here!
  183. Bed Rest at 37 weeks for High Blood Pressure
  184. I had a full moon baby!
  185. Nathan James is here!
  186. Second-guessing name choices
  187. So...pineapple...
  188. GBS +...told mw NO treatment unless risk factors
  189. The "Just need to whine" thread.....
  190. Getting Worried!!
  191. My baby is here! (A bit long...)
  192. Ezra's Birth Story
  193. Anyone experience the mucous plug?
  194. I really thought she'd come this weekend...
  195. My water broke! Updated with link to Birth Story
  196. It's a boy! At last!
  197. I'm so worried and upset...
  198. IF I could schedule when this baby chose to come
  199. Another May Baby born *ETA birth story
  200. Sophia is heree!! (Birth Story and Pictures Post 18!)
  201. D'artagnan Antonio is here
  202. What the heck?! Acne NOW?
  203. (extra TMI goodness) Water broke?? (maybe? probably not?)
  204. Emma's first concert!
  205. Preggo Hula Hooping
  206. Puffy face
  207. Baby Photos!!
  208. Post Partum Weekly Thread May 8-15
  209. Orion Theodore has arrived!
  210. cervical pain
  211. When can I DTD again?
  212. Blake Thomas arrived! 5.5.09
  213. Homebirthers.. What are you wearing???
  214. another false alarm..?
  215. Braxton Hicks Every 7 Minutes
  216. For fun!!!
  217. Culture of Fear around Postdates Birth
  218. Contractions? Stabbing pains? What are these?
  219. Emmitt Caleb, 9 days early
  220. A picture of my son Ezra
  221. Mother's Day even if you aren't technically a Mom yet?
  222. Home Visit is Today!!
  223. Last minute nesting? Or just $PENDING.
  224. another back-to-breech drama, at 40 wks
  225. If you need to turn your baby, don't be stupid like me...
  226. NOOOOO pre-e!! WOOWEEE!
  227. Who is hoping to get sprinkled with moon dust this weekend?
  228. 38w appt. today
  229. Lila Belle is here :) *update/pics in post 22*
  230. Ouch! Awful pulled muscles
  231. Make it stop!!! (Stretch marks...)
  232. Baby last-name blues
  233. hate peeing while i sneeze!!
  234. Afraid to get excited b/c this baby is SO different, BUT
  235. Jacob Eli is here! Water birth. Birth story added first post
  236. gift ideas for older child from baby?
  237. Wonder what the chances are that any of us will be in the same DDC again?
  238. sleeping terribly all of a sudden... anyone else?
  239. I think I'm having contractions
  240. Nervous about my MW apt...
  241. Nadeus was born!
  242. Birth Poll
  243. Feel like puking
  244. Post Partum Mamas: Weight Loss?
  245. Stopping the prodromal contractions?
  246. Chat Thread May 4-May11
  247. If you had your baby already, did you notice a weight loss before?
  248. Does labor just all of a sudden start?
  249. Anyone else due or overdue with no promising signs?
  250. MW says I'm in early labor Update post #30 things getting intense.