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  1. Obama Care Mandatory newborn RFID tagging
  2. Hamas Leaders Urge West to Talk, Gazans Don't Show Up for Hamas "Victory" Rally
  3. Two Iranian Doctors Jailed Over Alleged Coup Attempt
  4. Flaming squirrel starts fire
  5. Chicken wing supply running low
  6. Drs revive frozen woman
  7. I watched an Israeli soldier shoot my two little girls (obviously disturbing)
  8. High Court revokes ban on Arab parties from national elections
  9. A rubbish life for LA marathon recycler
  10. Noam Chomsky on Gaza...
  11. Fiat and Chrysler Form Alliance
  12. Gazan Aid Hijacked
  13. Live News from Gaza.
  14. The "Adolf Hitler removed from home" thread
  15. "Nine Israeli groups call for war crimes investigation into Israel's actions in Gaza" removed
  16. Israel's success in Gaza only proves it is strong, not right
  17. The question of war crimes.
  18. UN Court Rules US Execution Violated Treaty
  19. Amnesty Accuses Israel of Using White Phosphorus on UN Compound & Other Widespread Use
  20. Chinese Drywall Causes Health Concerns
  21. 50,000 Homeless in Gaza, 400,000 No Running Water, 4000 Buildings Destroyed
  22. outcry over weapons used in Gaza
  23. Girl Scouts’ peanut butter cookies are safe, bakers say
  24. Writer jailed for alleged Thai monarchy insult
  25. Green Printing
  26. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  27. Interesting New Yorker Article on Breastfeeding
  28. Anybody watching this presidential concert/hollywood thing at lincoln memorial?
  29. Al-Jazeera's Coverage vs. CNN's "Bloodless War" Coverage--An American in Syria's Experience (+ a Poll)
  30. Gaza City: Counting the Dead (At least 98 bodies, 40% women and children)
  31. Gazans Confront Shattered Lives
  32. Lincolnshire day-care assistant charged in toddler's death *extremely upsetting*
  33. FDA: avoid eating peanut butter or anything that contains it
  34. Hammas announces ceasefire in Gaza
  35. The war as warm-up act for Obama
  36. British Jews attacked for pro-Gaza solidarity
  37. 'Tungsten bombs' leave Israel's victims with mystery wounds
  38. Militants fire rockets into Israel after cease-fire
  39. Test Subjects Who Call the Scientist Mom or Dad (+ A Poll)
  40. Survivors Count Losses--No Family Has Been Left Untouched by War in Rafah (Gaza)
  41. Boy killed at monster truck show
  42. "Needless" Birth Inductions Investigated--32% Induction Rate in Scotland
  43. Haaretz: Stop the Operation
  44. Israel To Announce Gaza Truce
  45. The "Sex offender lottery winner beaten w/ tire iron" thread
  46. Palestian Dr.'s house bombed during his live daily report on Israeli TV-3 of his daughters are killed
  47. Human Rights Watch Releases 2009 World Report--Calls on Obama to Emphasize Human Rights
  48. Gaza Civilian Toll Could Backfire on Israel
  49. US Judges Orders Youngest Gitmo Prisoner Freed
  50. Jewish MP Makes Israeli Troops Nazi Link
  51. Gaza Strikes Ahead of Truce Vote, And Yes--Another UN School Hit, 410 Children Have Died
  52. Canada the ONLY nation to vote against a UN HR council resolution condemning Israel attacks on Gaza
  53. unilateral truce
  54. And elsewhere ... Jewish communities of Yemen
  55. Top 10 at
  56. Patrick McGoohan, Star of ‘The Prisoner,’ Dies at 80
  57. The Secret Reasons for Tuition Hikes
  58. Chinese Women Want More Babies
  59. Over 8 in 10 Corporations are Tax Havens--And Some Received Federal Bailout Funding
  60. Supreme Court to Hear Case of 13 Year Old Strip-searched for Ibuprofin
  61. BBC Reporter Gets Into Gaza--Here's His Report
  62. Israel Poised to Vote on Ceasefire
  63. Report Reveals Severe Cases of Abusive Restraint of Schoolchildren
  64. "Nine Israeli groups call for war crimes investigation into Israel's actions in Gaza" Removed
  65. Afghan Girls, Scarred by Acid, Defy Terror, Embracing School
  66. If you looked at your bank statement and it said $177,000...
  67. RIP Andrew Wyeth
  68. I triple-dog dare ya...
  69. Israeli Army Locking Down West Bank Too--Israeli Soldier Kills Palestinian Teen
  70. Rural Alaska Crisis
  71. Shimon Peres on Israel's goals in Gaza
  72. Red Cross Doctor Describes Magnitude of Problem in Gaza--Unlike Any Other War Zone People Have No Where to Run to Safety (Disturbing)
  73. Gaza from an emergency worker's perspective...
  74. More on Warrantless Wiretaps
  75. Egypt and Israel to cooperate to prevent arms smuggling to Gaza
  76. What happens when Israelis don't make it to bomb shelters
  77. For Gaza Psychologist, Hope Amid Despair
  78. Half of Gaza Under 16--So Israel Targeting a Room Full of Children says CARE
  79. Dear Malia and Sasha, Love, Dad. A letter to his daughters Parade Magazine
  80. Bill Moyers on the Gaza Crisis (MUST WATCH)
  81. 3 Hospitals in gaza bombed
  82. Jet plane crashes in Hudson River...
  83. Facebook changes BF photo policy
  84. celebrate palestinian culture!
  85. An Airbus just crashed into the Hudson *everyone is ok*
  86. Do u spk txt?
  87. Israel Bombs UN Headquarters w/700 Refugees With Illegal White Phosphorus Shells (Updated)
  88. NASA to Announce Life on Mars
  89. who is on the side of the people of gaza?
  90. Olmert Ignoring Calls From Barak, Livni For Immediate Gaza Truce
  91. Foreign Minsitry Hopes to Repair Israel's Image on "Day After" Gaza Op
  92. Israel Bombs Gazan Cemetary (Disturbing)
  93. Media Bloodhound's Fact or Fiction 2008 News Quiz
  94. FAIR--International Law Seldom Newsworthy, Just How Biased US Reporting is On the Gaza War
  95. Israeli Media Strategy--Keep Press Out Until US Focused on Inauguration
  96. Ricardo Montalban Dies... :(
  97. Listening to Schroeder: ‘Peanuts’ Scholars Find Messages in Cartoon’s Scores
  98. War College warns military must prep for unrest; IMF warns of economic riots
  99. Absolutely AMAZING sculptures!
  100. Gitmo Agents Tortured Saudi Man, According to Camp Overseeing Trials
  101. Co-Ed Auctioning Off Virginity for $3.7 Million
  102. Good News: Outlines of a 10-Day Truce Emerge
  103. Woman dies after collapsing, 25 week baby lives *very sad*
  104. 90 French Groups Press for War Crimes Charges at ICC Against Israel, Anti-Semitism on the Rise in France
  105. IDF Shot at Fleeing Gazans--Including Some Holding White Flags (BBC, B'Tselem)
  106. death toll in Gaza passes 1000
  107. Student makes surprising discovery...
  108. 9 yo boy carries friend to safety
  109. Cat warns family of fire
  110. Store refused to make a Happy Birthday Adolph Hilter.
  111. Bikers rescue orphaned/abused animals
  112. Father jailed in Daughter's hypothermia death *extremely upsetting*
  113. Katyushas in the North
  114. another perspective
  115. Gaza is has lots of oil and natural gas
  116. "Where Were the Protestors When Missles Were Hitting Israel?"
  117. What is the FDA Thinking?? Love the Eyelashes--Who Is Your Doc
  118. teacher in china rips off childs cheeks for not doing homework *disturbing*
  119. Greece Blocks Shipment of Arms to Israel Through Greek Port
  120. President of UN Accuses Israel of Genocide, 311 Children Dead
  121. Family Grows Tomatoes in Dead of Winter
  122. meanwhile, in the west bank
  123. Missing 2 Year Old in Detroit-Suburb (Disturbing)
  124. Israel's Olmert Told Bush US Better Abstain, Not Vote in Favor
  125. Teenage Girl Throws Japan's Pro-Baseball League a Knuckle Ball
  126. *Disturbing* Pedophile Trolls For Victims With Babysitting Ad
  127. I want to toss my shoe at this lady...
  128. French Director Claude Berri Dies (Jean de Florette)
  129. Suspicions grow that Israel is testing new weapons in Gaza
  130. Why is there an Israel?
  131. Israel Destroys Christian Aid Clinic for Mothers and Babies
  132. Golda Meir Quotes
  133. Vicks Vapo rub may cause more harm than good
  134. Wafa Sultan speaks up in 2006--still relevant (re middle east)
  135. Julie Gerberding resigns
  136. Health insurer accused of overcharging millions
  137. children of hamas - sad video
  138. Helping Morocco's Outcast Single Mothers
  139. Israel Disqualifies Two Arab Parties From Upcoming Elections
  140. Shocker - Flu shot not working again this year!
  141. California man sells 14 year old daughter for cash and beer.
  142. 50 MPG Prius Unveiled
  143. Israel Changes Tune on White Phosphorus Use
  144. Mideast Dream Team? Not Quite. Op Ed By Roger Cohen in NYTimes
  145. No Adoption...You're Too Fat.
  146. Baby born two days after mom dies **Very Upsetting**
  147. National Service Day- Jan 19
  148. CS Monitor: How the US magnified the suffering of the palastinians
  149. Home with American Kids Hit by Bullets--150 American Citizens Still Trapped in Gaza
  150. Bush Does a 180 on Gaza, Dems Remain Silent
  151. Few in US See Al-Jazeera's Coverage of Gaza War
  152. Gaza Facing Medical Collapse :( Israel Going Into More Densely Populated Areas
  153. Twins In One Body
  154. Teen Girl arrested in daycare rapes
  155. Life in a Gaza Hospital: This One to the Morgue, This One to ICU (Disturbing)
  156. Israel and Hamas Using Human Shields in Gaza, says Amnesty International
  157. Afgan teen rape victim's brother aborts her child (obviously disturbing)
  158. Hamas admits to using children, women as shields
  159. You Tube video of Hamas killing palestinians
  160. Vandals Deface Three Synagogues
  161. Mama solutions for Mideast Peace
  162. What are you doing about it all?
  163. Salmonella prompts pb recall in Ohio
  164. Prominent Jews in the UK speak out
  165. one in seven americans cannot read...
  166. women can smell a man's intentions
  167. John Pilger on Breaking the Lies of Silence in Gaza
  168. NY Restaurant Frees 140 Year Old Lobster
  169. Girl Dies, 49 Burned After Shelling (Yes, Israel Hits ANOTHER UN School!)
  170. Powerful Solar Storm Could Shut DOwn U.S for Months
  171. Pregnant women should eat more fish -
  172. 30 members of one family killed in Gaza--Warning-DISTURBING
  173. A mother who is the first woman in Britain to have a baby selected free of a gene which causes breast cancer has given birth succesfully!
  174. In the US, Gaza is a Different War
  175. Gaza Enters Third Week: Over 821 Palestinians and 13 Israelis Dead
  176. Sayed Kashua - for those who are not familiar with his writing
  177. 6.2 earthquake in Costa Rica
  178. What a War Crime Looks Like--Injured, Four Days Without Food or Water
  179. How Israel Brought Gaza to the Brink of Humanitarian Catastrophe
  180. Jimmy Carter--An Unnecessary War
  181. Detroit School Lacks Toilet Paper, Light Bulbs
  182. US doctors pay to hear Ore. town's vaccine views
  183. AP Gaza Reproter Finds His Hometown in Ruins
  184. Interesting article about Russian gas control and Europe
  185. Woman Goes To Hospital For Kidney Stones & Has Baby Instead
  186. The Divorce/kidney Thread
  187. war crimes investigation called for
  188. Bills C51 and C52
  189. UN Security Council Approves Cease-Fire Resolution for Gaza, 14 Vote in Favor, US Abstains
  190. People more racist than they think they are.
  191. Red Cross Criticizes Israel (Rare Public Criticism--DISTURBING)
  192. What is Hamas and What are its Goals?
  193. Something to think about re: Palestine / Israel
  194. Israel retracts claim rocket fire provoked attack on UN school
  195. Oakland regional transit officer shoots man in back
  196. Hamas executes collaborators, restricts Fatah movement
  197. UN Halts Aid after Israel attacks aid convoy
  198. Loss of civilian life in Gaza
  199. Afghans Sign Up to Fight Israeli Troops in Gaza
  200. "C-sections best for baby when close to due date"
  201. What is Israel's objective in Gaza?
  202. The children were trained to die as martyrs
  203. Rockets fired from Lebanon into Israel
  204. The "Israel invades Gaza with Ground Troops" thread will not be returned
  205. Vaccine Court get some competition...
  206. AK Marching band raises $58K for inauguration trip!
  207. Vatican Calls Gaza a "Big Concentration Camp"
  208. Woman Accused Of Drunken Breast-Feeding
  209. Jerusalem Post: Israel's Reluctant Allies--Is Israel Doing the Dirty Work for Many Arab States
  210. Finally! 6 Days After Israeli Supreme Court Decision, Israel Allows Some Western Journalist In
  211. That's no kidney stone: Mom welcomes surprise new year's baby
  212. Measles On Rise As MMR Shunned
  213. ACLU won! Lawsuit about airline kicking off passanger for wearing Arabic language t-shirt
  214. Divorce may cost woman her kidney
  215. More on 11-year-old boy missing since 1999
  216. An op-ed piece explaining Israel's actions in Gaza.
  217. Man Dies of 35 year old gunshot wound
  218. Adult Entertainment Industry Wants a Bailout
  219. Russia cuts off all gas supply to Europe
  220. Second-hand toys and clothing to be outlawed
  221. Woman charged for drunken breastfeeding
  222. Israel Accepts Truce Principles... Let's Hope Peace is Soon
  223. Dead baby thrown away in hospital's trash
  224. Joe the Plumber heading to Gaza as corespondent
  225. Knife left in head
  226. Time for some fluff, mule saves woman
  227. PLEASE READ - New forum policy - Infractions
  228. Teen Ordered to Fix Haircut
  229. Children Hit Hard as Gaza Death Toil Rises (DISTURBING)
  230. Israel Briefly Halts Gaza Attacks
  231. The Israel Puts Media Clamp on Gaza Thread
  232. Haaretz: Israel Must Double, Triple, Quadruple Medical Aid to Gaza
  233. UN Chief Demands Gaza Ceasefire... 195 Palestinian Children Have Died From Israeli Attacks
  234. Both Sides Are Wrong in Gaza: International Human Rights Lawyer Speaks (Very Educational/Interesting!)
  235. The "600 Deaths is Just a Beginning" Thread
  236. Israel Strikes Kill Up to 60 Members in One Family
  237. Breaking News: Israel Agrees to Gaza Aid Corridor
  238. N&CE: 600 Deaths is Just the Beginning... What the Injuries are Like in Gaza (NYTimes--DISTURBING)
  239. Israel Puts Media Clamp on Gaza--Continues to Ignore Israeli Supreme Court
  240. Obama Finally Breaks Silence on Gaza
  241. Al Jazeera fails to properly screen human rights expert
  242. Vail Chairlift Accident Leaves Man Dangling Pantless (PHOTOS)
  243. Why Smokers Can't Quit Easily
  244. Handmade toys in jeopardy?
  245. Mouring the Young (on Both Sides)
  246. The "Investigations Into Whether or Not Israel Using Chemical Weapons in Gaza" thread
  247. German Billionaire Merckle Kills Himself
  248. The "A New Cigarette Hazard: ‘Third-Hand Smoke’" thread
  249. Another 10 yr old has baby
  250. Online, Two Pictures of the Israeli Military