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  1. DDC closing? How will we keep in contact?
  2. This DDC is closing
  3. 3 Months Old - Not Napping?
  4. I think Elijah is teething
  5. Birth control?
  6. Rolling Over?
  7. Baby isn't using hands much...
  8. Baby Update Anyone?
  9. Samuel's two month pictures
  10. Going from 1 child to 2 - how is it for you and anyone have any tips?
  11. Worried about baby not smiling yet..
  12. Too Late for Belly Bandit?
  13. Anybody else had problems with PPD?
  14. First road trip with baby tonight!
  15. Its either my period or Im hemorrhaging
  16. have you introduced a bottle of EBM?
  17. My Baby is One Month Old Today
  18. no sex drive
  19. How are the babes sleeping?
  20. Now that we're all post-partum, anyone have a DH/DP who doesn't quite understand?
  21. 2nd day of bleeding after postpartum vaginal exam?
  22. Is this my freaking PERIOD???!!!
  23. Last postpartum visit today
  24. Chat thread link
  25. The IL's have descended- vent warning
  26. Still feeling weepy
  27. Anyone else already wanting another?
  28. Did anyone else use the Belly Bandit or other belly binder?
  29. Still have a "fat tummy"....
  30. $10 Off at diapers.com
  31. Worth the wait!
  32. Welcome Baby Violet Quinn
  33. Lack of sleep and being able to function normally
  34. Helena Mary's Birth Story (Long)
  35. "Mama" recovery
  36. I never posted my birth announcement...
  37. William Otis's birth story
  38. FINALLY...It's my turn!
  39. Af?
  40. Aaron Patriot is FINALLY here!
  41. Wanted to Say Thanks
  42. how much is too much?
  43. Baby Marlowe is here!! 07.30.09
  44. Had my baby!
  45. Gwyneth Amoret finally arrived
  46. Postpartum issues - Anyone breaking out in hives?
  47. 12 years ago...
  48. our DDC has great taste in names!
  49. Sakura's Unassisted Water Birth
  50. pp body issues
  51. My homebirth away from home story
  52. 40 weeks
  53. Mica Rayne is Here!!-updated w/ pictures
  54. Declan James finally arrived August 2nd
  55. Bleeding 16 days post partum?
  56. July is OVER!
  57. belly button bleeding...help?
  58. Camellia Wren's birth story
  59. anyone dtd?
  60. Baby Blues-what are you doing to combat it?
  61. The Story of Poppy's Birth (at home)
  62. what will the color of your baby's eyes be?
  63. Baby Freya is here - Awesome unplanned UC
  64. I broke my own record at 11 days postpartum - ugh!
  65. Yay! Ruben is here!!
  66. William Zane's birth story - some funny moments at transition
  67. a bit sad today, advice?
  68. Announcing Logan Michael! Born in the water!
  69. Sorry to have been MIA! Had my baby last Friday! (long birth story in here....)
  70. Garlic for a Yeast Infection??
  71. PP Chat Thread 7/29-8/5
  72. Congrats to all!!!!
  73. Baby Noah's birth story and photos!
  74. Jaspers birth story! home waterbirth
  75. She's here!
  76. middle name help?
  77. Anyone having a difficult recovery?
  78. Baby Samuel's pictures
  79. My baby is here, it's a boy!
  80. Baby girl is here!
  81. Congrats to all the mamas that have had babies!
  82. looks like it is my turn:)
  83. Another happy & blessed one...
  84. Craziest Week of my Life! - Baby Anaka is here!
  85. Birth Announcement and Story
  86. Poppy's Birth Stats
  87. She's finally here with an amazingly fast uc birth! *updated with birth story
  88. Could this be it? Load me up with labor vibes!!!
  89. Our baby girl is here!!! Exactly on time! ETA Photo 7/26!
  90. I think I'm in labor! UPDATE!!!
  91. peeing brings on a big contraction.
  92. Asher's Homebirth Story (LONG!)
  93. Lennon Thomas <3 (added birth story)
  94. Jasper is here!!
  95. Wwyd?
  96. Caldwell Edward is here!
  97. Paxton is here!
  98. Post Partum Yuckiness - TMI
  99. hopefully i won't join you in delivering this month
  100. Bodhi's birth story
  101. our girl arrived...1/2hour after mw
  102. Maternity Photography
  103. Introducing...Birth Story FINALLY added!
  104. Xavier is here! Birth story link added!
  105. With baby in the hospital
  106. Finally had my baby - Long, hard labor!
  107. Post Baby Weight?
  108. How soon after bloody show?
  109. Leaking fluid, no labor yet
  110. Vitamin D?
  111. Anyone else planning a lotus birth?
  112. Had a baby girl!
  113. had my HBAC!
  114. Awesome Acupuncture Info
  115. Miles Franklin has arrived
  116. Chat thread: July 20-26th
  117. Transverse baby at full-term - UPDATE
  118. It's our third boy!
  119. Kaya Rose is here!* Updated with Birth Story and Pics*
  120. Who else is over 40 weeks?
  121. How much floradix??
  122. Our new baby boy has arrived!
  123. I hope this is it!
  124. I'm sick! :(
  125. Surgery is done and over with - before and after pictures ** biopsy UPDATE #23 **
  126. Anyone here still pregnant and planning a UC?
  127. He's here!
  128. The In-Laws are Here
  129. Cordelia Mae is here
  130. Its a (BIG) GIRL!
  131. reuben is here!
  132. My baby boy arrived!!!
  133. Another July baby joined us!
  134. water water everywhere....
  135. Finally my turn!!!! Announcing Holly Linnea!
  136. Bloody Show? - may be TMI
  137. Prayer Request for Baby Charlotte
  138. Ode to stomach sleeping
  139. Pep talk needed, please!
  140. FB group?
  141. Parker arrived...with some help!
  142. Anyone else feeling good?
  143. Announcing Baby Asher
  144. Is this labor? What is happening to me?
  145. ....and I'm "pregnant" again....
  146. postpartum recovery
  147. You people are starting to annoy me...
  148. July after all!
  149. Water Broke**UPDATE W/ BIRTH post #1**
  150. PSYCH! I thought my water broke...
  151. Its a boy!
  152. Funny Story
  153. OMG heartburn!!!
  154. Anyone past 41 weeks?
  155. "The Unnamed One"
  156. Charlie August, born at home
  157. illogical but need reassurance
  158. Birth plan?
  159. less movement? less BH?
  160. 40 weeks, 6 days
  161. DH is staying home a bit longer :)
  162. Born in our bed
  163. Bodhi is here! *Updated OP with pics
  164. Made it to the other side! Added PICS!
  165. Chat thread: July 13-19
  166. Olivia Rose is here!!!
  167. I just want to sleep
  168. My baby girl is finally here!
  169. charley horses?!
  170. Please wish a Happy Birthday to...birth story added
  171. Not high, but not low?
  172. C-Section PP Moms
  173. Madilyn Rose is here!
  174. We had a girl!!!! --Pic on post 32--
  175. Updates from postpartum mamas?
  176. i looked
  177. Reviving the Stupid Comment Thread
  178. Non-pharmacologic comfort methods
  179. Contractions won't go away...
  180. Baby isn't really wiggly today...
  181. S/O "Safe" VBAC induction methods
  182. who is still pregnant now?
  183. sad!
  184. One unhappy mama.
  185. my baby boy is here!
  186. ugh. external version
  187. baby soren ansel is here!!
  188. timing contractions on contraction master night now
  189. Progress Update- opinions?
  190. TMI I know, but I have to ask
  191. Prudence's birth story
  192. I have to leave my baby!
  193. Ephram's Birth Story
  194. I had a surprise mini-baby shower today!
  195. oh, i feel something brewing! **Updated 1st post**
  196. how much blood in bloody show??
  197. Getting Frustrated whine!
  198. Elijah Mercury's birth story
  199. Who's due at the end of the month?
  200. Gift for first time parents and of a preemie?
  201. Birth control plans?
  202. I'm gettin' sliced N diced tomorrow
  203. Oliver Lee's Birth Story
  204. Checking for more babies!
  205. All Alone with 2
  206. Had my Bloody Show! *updated in post 16
  207. Call me Nesty McNesterton!
  208. Rudy Has Arrived!
  209. Elise Katherine is here!
  210. dd kicked me square in the belly jumping into pool!!!
  211. Will this ever turn into something? *Updated*
  212. Our siggies
  213. carpal tunnel syndrome anyone? oh joy!
  214. Am I the only one who is...
  215. Membranes swept but...
  216. My water broke!!!!
  217. In Labor
  218. Chat Thread! July 6-12th
  219. Stupid comment rant
  220. EDD come and gone but NO baby - Anybody else?
  221. Anyone else cooking cooking cooking?
  222. Anyone else feeling anti-social?
  223. Anyone else hoping full moon will work?
  224. Baby Elijah is here!!
  225. Losing weight at the end? how much is ok? UPDATE - baby here - post #7 :)
  226. Any Other Tandem Nursing Mamas Yet?
  227. Our baby boy is here! **Updated with name**
  228. Ripped in two - what can I do to feel better?
  229. Too much fluid?
  230. got my membranes stripped today
  231. Ephram was born on July 4!
  232. Our baby Charlotte is here!
  233. For those of us passing our due dates w/ no babe... or just tired of being preggo
  234. My hips are KILLING me!!
  235. feeling nothing!
  236. Our little girl is here!
  237. Please don't let these fizzle out
  238. DH's dad missed his birth and now...(vent)
  239. pic og Josephine
  240. today was my due date
  241. Traveling with infant?
  242. Our baby girl is here! Update w/picts (& name) post #1
  243. cravings are gone
  244. Belly Casting
  245. Beginning to worry about how big this kid actually is!
  246. Independance Day baby?
  247. Well...my water broke.....
  248. I think I officially did some "nesting"
  249. Charlotte Mae has arrived!
  250. Popping Sensation....