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  1. Our DDC!
  2. What is Dr. Sears vax schedule?
  3. This DDC is closing
  4. Crazy hair loss!
  5. Crib sleeping -- need help!
  6. Echo echo echo....
  7. Lurker delurking to share...
  8. Ohhh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. November 09 February!
  10. Looks Like I'm The First
  11. Julia's arrival-birth story-Finally!
  12. teething?!
  13. I'm so over co-sleeping!
  14. Liam's birth story, finally
  15. Just checking in
  16. The 2 month vaccine decision
  17. Facebook Group For Us
  18. Frenulum
  19. ......oh jeez....
  20. What do you love about being a Mommy to your November baby??
  21. Going Back to Work
  22. I'm Shedding Like Sasquatch In The Spring
  23. He hates belly time!
  24. Colic woes
  25. Nov. Baby Milestones
  26. Moby Question: 6wk old doesn't like "newborn hold," so I'm splaying her, is that okay?
  27. Crazy times - burning out
  28. My birth story (finally)
  29. Best Breastpump for Under $150?
  30. Those of you using cloth what cd do you like...
  31. Great...just great!
  32. 6 week checkup and dh funny
  33. Postpartum pout: My fat jeans don't fit
  34. Go update your post in the prediction thread!
  35. What makes my heart melt...(a gushing thread)
  36. New Year Resolutions
  37. Update thread for January!
  38. Period at 2mos?????
  39. Question from a worried mommy2be
  40. The arrival of Rassa June
  41. how do you take naps if you have other little ones who just aren't sleepy?
  42. i miss being pregnant
  43. Postpartum cramping - Help
  44. How are everyones pets adjusting to the new babies?
  45. what size is your baby wearing?
  46. Forgot to tell you all . . . Emma Claire arrived Nov 29!
  47. What's your LO's Nap/Sleep times like?
  48. How do I start to build up a small stash of breastmilk?
  49. Baby Dedication/Baptism/Christening Outfits
  50. Brenan's slideshow (if it works)
  51. 13 days late, 9lbs. 6 oz., happy mama!
  52. 6 weeks postpartum - baby & mama
  53. Welcome baby Matthew!
  54. You'll love this ... sling wearing
  55. Holy S#it Ladies....Wish Me Luck....(12/16 PICS NOW ADDED)
  56. I'm lighter!
  57. Uterine Prolapse?
  58. Finally had my baby!
  59. Zander is here
  60. James birth story
  61. He's here! Unintended UC
  62. Baby Fia is here!!! Pics and Birthstory
  63. last preggo standing??
  64. Jude Avery is here!!!! Update with birth story.
  65. Need quick suggestions...x posted in bfing
  66. Nikolas Dieter's birth story
  67. The Anyone Heard From Thread
  68. Finally have a chance to stop in! Ari Josiah was born 11/7!
  69. Finally! Fiona Frances is here!
  70. shes here finnallllyyyyy
  71. Had my BPP this morning....
  72. Anyone else feeling yucky?
  73. It's a................................................
  74. Taking baby out...
  75. Anyone else have PPD?
  76. It's a girl! Baby's here (home to hospital transfer)
  77. Now officially a "Dec Due Date".....Anyone else still out there?
  78. welp im with out a doc
  79. Welcome Little Arianna!!
  80. Anyone else feeling better?
  81. a bit late: Gabriel's birth story
  82. Tzvi Alexander Ijji is here!
  83. Lennon Elizabeth is here!!
  84. Baby Boy is here - UPDATE with name and some details
  85. Hannah Noel is here!!
  86. wow read this getting the pat to say yes!
  87. Julia Penelope is here!
  88. Welcome Avery Edgar...9lbs 2oz homebirth!
  89. in the hospital
  90. So do we have to go to the Dec. board if....
  91. our STILL preg vent/whine thread!
  92. So talked with my midwife today....
  93. vent - water broke early this a.m., total labor slowdown
  94. Can you go into labeor with no impending labor signs?
  95. Need some feedback on "cervical stretching".....quite bugged
  96. Our daughter is born!
  97. *vent* 40+2 - caught between a rock & a hard place
  98. Liam's here!
  99. I think it's my turn....
  100. Had a great VBA2C! Maia Vaishali is here!
  101. I think this might be it
  102. Baby girl arrived on her due date!
  103. Posterior Cervix
  104. TMI!! warning plug/show Q
  105. Brenan Oliver is here!!
  106. Zion Merciful has arrived
  107. feel so broken
  108. Ava's Home- Waterbirth
  109. What did your MW suggest for early labor?
  110. Something's starting...
  111. Nov DDC babies arrive fast!
  112. Overdue mamas: how ya feelin'?
  113. Had my baby girl!
  114. DS's funny during labor
  115. 35 days later and a 7 day old surgery... HE'S HOME!
  116. The Super Speedy Birth of Dhanya Clare! (It seemed like 16 minutes of active labor!!!!)
  117. Contractions?
  118. Looks like tomorrow could be the day....
  119. 12 hours of regular contractions, no progress?
  120. im due toda
  121. My homebirth story (long)
  122. I WAS in labour . . .
  123. Lotus Birth
  124. Chasing ghosts (contractions) - any tips on patience
  125. Fast home water birth
  126. Trouble Sleeping?
  127. So I'm someone's MOM!!!
  128. Oliver's Birth: Hospital-Induction/Home-Waterbirth
  129. ok we need lots of hugs and ood vibes for vegas
  130. Seem to be in labor!
  131. Decrease In Movement...
  132. Still pregnant on Saturday group...
  133. vegasgirl my DD buddy had her baby!
  134. 39 weeks and getting worried
  135. Sleepyheaded_Mama had her Boy!
  136. We made it to the other side
  137. baby got the memo
  138. Announcing Baby Oliver!
  139. Adam Christopher is here!
  140. Acupressure points to encourage labor: Want to try? Know them or online resources please????
  141. Mae Loraine has arrived
  142. Baby Henry's arrival!
  143. Think I am in labor update post 12
  144. I lost my plug! (TMI) UPDATE: Today's the day!
  145. Baby Aidan
  146. Feeling very emotional... I'm almost 42 weeks pregnant
  147. Baby is in NICU :(
  148. Beginning the emotional processing
  149. We need some new babies!
  150. The totally shameless photo thread!
  151. Past my due date and happy about it. lol
  152. Which mama can I thank for . . .
  153. Update - I've been cervidilled!
  154. owie! i hope this is it!
  155. UPDATED PAGE 3 -- SHE'S HERE!! Feeling so defeated -- facing induction.
  156. Glenn's birth story!!
  157. My second natural, and first home, birth (x-posted in Birth Stories)
  158. 3 Questions from another overdue 1) dialtion/pain 2)cervical exam 3) not wanting specific doctor
  159. From "Your one-week old"
  160. comment about MW
  161. 4th time's the charm--FINALLY, he's here.
  162. Shes here! at 40wk ad 6days!
  163. I guess I need some hugs
  164. Gems from my mother, aka She Who Waits For Me To Birth
  165. My baby is here!
  166. My son Mathias is here! Intense water birth!
  167. So the prodomal labor begins and DH's hockey game. vent
  168. mucus plug Q
  169. my trip to the hospital!
  170. You know you're 38+ weeks pregnant when...
  171. She has a name!!!
  172. Is anyone else 41 weeks or more? Anyone? Anyone?
  173. Running out of room!
  174. I think this is it!-- UPDATE in POST 1
  175. Sylvia-Rose is here!
  176. Baby Cooper has arrived (Birth Story Update TMI)
  177. sallysunshine UPDATE!!!!
  178. baby personalities and you
  179. has anyone heard from shakenbake??
  180. Friday the 13th drama
  181. I am in labor!!!
  182. shakenbake....
  183. Ugh! Stuff I didn't want...
  184. DH funny!!!!! HB related.
  185. Welcome Baby Emmitt born 11/13/09 :)
  186. YAY! its happning!
  187. *
  188. Weird symptoms
  189. rose-roget had her baby!
  190. WARNING TMI:::::My hoo hoo hurts bad!
  191. yay! little ones are out for the afternoon. time to relax!
  192. DH wants to go to a hockey game
  193. Post Partum Momma's check in
  194. Our baby GIRL is here! Updated with birth story!
  195. Don't want to jinx it ;)
  196. Can you time back labor?
  197. postdates yet?? whine about it here.
  198. Anyone feel their stress level is too high to give birth?
  199. castrol oil?
  200. where do i go from here?
  201. I think maybe I'm almost ready
  202. Arrggg
  203. anyone else have chest pain?
  204. I think I figured out why...
  205. Okay, Im a little late joining you girls:)
  206. Friday the 13th is tomorrow...
  207. Birth of Cellist's Ethan
  208. Praying this is labor!
  209. Is anyone else still undecided on a name?
  210. ctx i think
  211. Baby might be breech, ultrasound to confirm tomorrow
  212. Anyone making themselves nuts cleaning for homebirth?
  213. Mia's birth story - 2HBAC!!
  214. The anyone heard from...thread
  215. Abigail's impromptu homebirth
  216. depressed everyday more and more
  217. A thread NOT about babies! Ha! (Denial of health insurance claim)
  218. Hoping Soon! TMI warning
  219. im home, babies fine - update, pictures added!
  220. Itching like mad!
  221. Holden Oliver is here!!!
  222. anyone else cant sleep?
  223. Birth plan shot to hell by OB (depressing update)
  224. Post-partum moms: how much time is your LO awake?
  225. I am about to break down!
  226. After all the weird/nosy things...
  227. help extreamly losse bowls
  228. Pre-Labor is not fun!
  229. Bloody show...
  230. We have another son! (Update: Birth story and pic added)
  231. Methods for Cervical Ripening
  232. I'll be envious of those of you . . .
  233. Baby Girl Name HELP!
  234. Prodromal labor
  235. What did you/will you have for snacks?
  236. 'roid rage! Helllllp!
  237. Boys are here!!
  238. today is my due date (warning- whining)
  239. TMI mucous plug question
  240. R's Birth Story! with pics
  241. *pics added!* The fast & furious (accidentally unnassisted) birth of....
  242. For everyone facing the threat of induction.....
  243. Update for First Time Mommy!
  244. Thinking it's my turn...
  245. Kara (ExuberantDaffodil) had her baby girl!!!
  246. water broke....going slow...Need advice! Update: She's Here!!!!
  247. Who else is past their due date & still pregnant?
  248. Movement is movement...right?
  249. Birth prediction updates!
  250. another one is imminent! UPDATE post 1