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  1. This DDC will be closing.
  2. Anyone else with babes on the MOVE??
  3. Bed time routine
  4. Can I ask a personal question?
  5. Anyone else still have sore nipples? A little vent.
  6. Facebook
  7. school....
  8. Lilah's nursing....FINALLY!!!
  9. Cute things they do
  10. 7 weeks old and not smiling
  11. Omg! I'm going back to school!
  12. It's Late but it's here Silas's Birth Story
  13. sleeping...or not
  14. Ankyloglossia or tongue tie
  15. My Baby Gained 7 lbs in 8 weeks!!!
  16. Hypnomamas, tell all!
  17. Anyone else back at work/getting ready to go back?
  18. To Pacifier or Not To Pacifier?
  19. Undescended testicle
  20. Hair Loss
  21. Anyone doing a post-baby shape up?
  22. 2 months pp and emotional?
  23. What are you crafting these days?
  24. A few random questions
  25. Two months, how is everyone and babes doing?
  26. Exercising mamas, help!
  27. uum, 6 weeks pp and af back??
  28. I need help breastfeeding pros!
  29. tear that didn't heal properly - what to do?
  30. How long does your LO sleep for & differences between kids
  31. Help me, my baby is a CONSTANT crier!!!
  32. Lingering Linea Negra?
  33. How can you tell postpartum depression from normal new baby adjustment?
  34. BFing question
  35. Help me figure out what this cry means!
  36. Stuffy nose
  37. Finally! The birth story!
  38. Birth video done!
  39. Elimination diet help please--UPDATED
  40. Crazy! Already thinking of expanding family?
  41. Birth Story and Announcement (very late)
  42. No spit up....then BAM! 4 times today!
  43. Babymoon over - sleep?
  44. Birth Announcement Recommendations?
  45. Siblings and baby's nap? Share?
  46. I found my missing Birth Bead Necklace
  47. Birth Slideshow
  48. How are you storing your milk?
  49. Anyone still cookin'?
  50. Not cool
  51. Intense Bleeding Episode: Anyone on Methergen?
  52. Intense Bleeding Episode: Anyone on Methergen?
  53. Father's Day gift idea?
  54. Update on Wyatt
  55. Who is NOT cloth diapering, and why?
  56. Does your baby let you put them down at all?
  57. Trying a new perspective...
  58. PP Bleeding/Activity Level Opinions Needed
  59. My Baby is hospitalized
  60. I feel like I'm 70!
  61. Not gaining club -sigh-
  62. Another postpartum question.
  63. Mind if I join you (again?)
  64. Constantly worrying about plagiocephaly (flat head)
  65. Bouncy Chair
  66. James Barry is born
  67. my lo screams bloody murder during diaper changes
  68. how do you get out of the house with baby?!
  69. My poor boobs. (tmi/gross-you've been warned)
  70. should i still have stitches?
  71. Wyatt is sick
  72. Anyone have a baby thermometer (rectal) they love? And accurate?
  73. Ooooo look what I found
  74. these are the moments
  75. late birth announcement
  76. Marley Jude born May 30th! xposted in June DDC
  77. Rethinking Kegels - Squat Instead
  78. Real baby smiles when?
  79. Oh no, big brother has big fever...
  80. Baby acne & belly button question
  81. Brag on your new baby?
  82. Can I ask a TMI/personal question?
  83. Weekly Thread 6/7-6/13: Life with our babies
  84. were right
  85. Tenk- How is Lilah?
  86. Kylee's birth story -3 weeks late
  87. malachi is here. yay!
  88. Any moments of insanity?
  89. My awesome girl is here!
  90. Ack! I have a cold and a 12 day old baby! Will she get it?
  91. Postpartum soreness
  92. Forgot about the headaches
  93. Aurelie Helene is Here!
  94. Do you wake your babe to nurse in the day?
  95. Clogged tear duct?
  96. Postpartum dizziness??
  97. Energy Level Postpartum??
  98. dairy elimination worked :)
  99. My Last Day of May Baby :)
  100. Baby Not Gaining Enough. Need Advice!
  101. Official Birth Announcement
  102. I think I'm going to the doctor today (post partum issue)
  103. Reuben's birth story - finally.
  104. What is this godawful pain?
  105. It's a girl!
  106. Why am I weirded out by this?
  107. Anyone tandem nursing??
  108. PP weight loss?
  109. If this is your second (or more) how are you doing?
  110. The Epically long Birth Story of Charlie A.
  111. how much milk do you pump?
  112. Congrats to all of us!
  113. Introducing Lorelai Zaida!
  114. Maci Elaine, born on her due date & our anniversary :)
  115. Greta's birth story
  116. Sinking in motherhood
  117. Funny Movie quotes from Disney movies
  118. Thank you May Mamas!
  119. Caroline is here!
  120. The birth story of Teddy
  121. No longer May: weekly thread 6/1-6/6
  122. My hypnobaby: Annabella
  123. Brittyn-Rayne Izzabella-Rose has Arrived!!!
  124. I haev SO many threads to reply to, BUT have to ask a PP bleeding question
  125. Julius Luciano is here! **birth story now included post #9**
  126. Ianto Sol is here!
  127. It's a...
  128. My Sweet Little Teddy Bear is here!!!
  129. My Water Broke !!!!!!!!!!!
  130. Morgan Perry (updated to add birth story)
  131. Split my tear? TMI?
  132. Surprised at DP's reaction to new babe?
  133. Victoria Charlie is here!! Long Post
  134. we did it!
  135. Still Pregnant Whiners Club (or zen, whatever)
  136. going to be a long one...
  137. here we go *updated story*
  138. Introducing Luna Lynn Lemae * UPDATE POST #14*
  139. eliminating dairy...
  140. Silas James is here!
  141. Castor Oil
  142. Milk, milk, milk
  143. The free birth story of my 'little' guy!
  144. Poor Wyatt has had a rough first 2 weeks of life
  145. So that's what real contractions feel like....
  146. She's HERE!
  147. It's a full moon and a thunderstorm here in PA and....
  148. Crispie??
  149. It's a GIRL!!
  150. Who's consuming their placenta?
  151. Anyone use/planning on using black cohosh?
  152. I had forgotten...
  153. Full Moon Tonight!
  154. Matteus Rhys is here
  155. Miss D is here!!
  156. We have a baby!
  157. Our baby girl Linnea is here! Birth Story in post #10
  158. had a baby girl this weekend! Upgraded with pics
  159. Our sweet little Maisie has arrived!
  160. Burping
  161. DS3 is officially --
  162. Anyone else have a fussy little one?
  163. What is this insanity in my body?
  164. Well instead of a baby....
  165. At my wit's end.
  166. Anaya Raya's Unassisted Homebirth!
  167. Belated welcome for Dietrich Clark
  168. Please help me with my dd's newborn photos
  169. I'm finally a mother.
  170. Typical newborn behavior/ issues?
  171. I'm officially a single mama
  172. Our First Daughter is Here!
  173. Baby boy is here! (Updated w/photos and birth story)
  174. It is starting
  175. Family Leave (Maternity/Paternity)
  176. to intervene or not to intervene... that is the question
  177. It's my time!
  178. Now the negative attitude towards nursing has started
  179. Advice on swelling...
  180. Joy's Grand Entrance
  181. Looks like it won't be my primary midwife...
  182. 5/24-5/30 weekly thread
  183. Weekly Thread 5/24 - 5/30 Last Chance for a May Baby!
  184. move baby, move!
  185. I think I have another reflux baby :(
  186. 12 hrs of regular contrax that stopped - seriously????
  187. Baby Boy finally arrived!
  188. Nipple Nurser!
  189. Simon the Caulbearer is HERE!!!!
  190. Welcome Norah Mackenzie
  191. Now that we got the nursing kinks worked out
  192. So...did my water just break?
  193. the zen is gone
  194. Lochia
  195. Baby is here!!
  196. breast changes
  197. BabyGirl is here!
  198. Levi's Birth Story
  199. Breastfeeding update
  200. Perineal tear healing?
  201. Is this it?
  202. Juliet Rose arrived on Wednesday
  203. urgent- contrx 1-4 min apart for hrs and baby not moving between
  204. Baby Grace has made it!- UPDATED WITH BIRTH STORY
  205. Do anything special to precipitate labor?
  206. opinions on hair dye
  207. I adore my DH, but I think he is missing a timing chip
  208. Sweeping the Membranes
  209. Could it be?
  210. Hospital Drama!
  211. Reid Solomon Makes His Entrance!
  212. How does one even go about gaining 6 pounds in a week?
  213. Pictures of my sweet Jack
  214. Emma Francis is here!
  215. Happy Due Date!
  216. Hormone crash or ppd?
  217. Finally a Zoey Picture!
  218. Postpartum bleeding question
  219. Postpartum whine thread
  220. They took my appendix too!
  221. Bloody Show Finally! (But dont want to get too optimistic)
  222. Cervix suddenly moved from VERY posterior to way anterior?
  223. Need to Vent! DS is driving me CRAZY w/ new baby!!
  224. Ever think baby has some cosmic reason for waiting?
  225. Low-amniotic fluid concerns
  226. Birth Announcement Thread
  227. Karsten Ezra is HERE!!!
  228. Loïc Charles is here
  229. Encouraged, discouraged? (bloody show then good Dr visit then nuthin)
  230. How long after mucous plug??
  231. BP question
  232. Sick 2 yr old
  233. Greta Charlotte arrived, finally!
  234. Engorgement- anyone else having issues?
  235. What is up with this??
  236. Trying to decide whether to get excited or get p'd off... LOL
  237. Charlotte Eleanor!
  238. babywearing mamas - I need advice
  239. My water just broke!
  240. Baby Aerick is here!
  241. We have a time...
  242. Ideas to let people know no Visitors today
  243. 5/17-5/23 Weekly Thread (who's still pregnant and updates from babymooning mamas)
  244. Dear Baby
  245. Introducing Leo Sebastian
  246. Kai Ambrose May 10th 9:16 am 6lbs6ozs
  247. Newborn is TOO calm?
  248. Breastfeeding question -
  249. I am now more pregnant than I have ever been!
  250. Maybe Amelia is here!!! *updated with birth story/2nd page*