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  1. November 2010
  2. LWAB Chat Thread!
  3. It's that time! This DDC will be closing.
  4. Chat Thread - Feb 22-28
  5. twitter?
  6. Anyone Pregnant again?
  7. They got the mustard (poo) out!
  8. Where do we go from here?
  9. Lochia?
  10. Weight woes:(
  11. Finally! Ian's birth story!
  12. Please help me teach my baby how to sleep!!
  13. Have you written your birth story yet? Would you like to see your baby on MDC's homepage?
  14. Caught a poo!
  15. Birth Control
  16. Brown spotting? TMI!
  17. Weekly Chat Thread Dec 30 - Jan 6
  18. Anyone else dealing with "colic"?
  19. Block Feeding
  20. Trevor Bear has Arrived!~
  21. grunting baby, green poop, gas....probiotics????
  22. 2 1/2 week old DD- exclusively breastfed--not pooed in 3 days--normal? okay? what do I need to do?
  23. Weekly Chat Thread 12/16/10
  24. Weekly Chat Thread starting 1/8/10!
  25. i found very affordable long-sleeve nursing PJs!
  26. Maia's Birth Story!!! (Better late than never?)
  27. need a laugh? turkey humor for november mamas...
  28. Felix Charles is here!
  29. Lost my mucus plug!! *Update- Baby is here!*
  30. Sadie Carroll is here!
  31. EC Thread
  32. Still Pregnant :(
  33. Raw Tushie - help!
  34. Vida is here!
  35. Goodbye, November...
  36. Evening fussies???
  37. no - i am not 4 months pregnant!
  38. Diapers-what's working for you?
  39. Headaches?
  40. I'm Still here!!
  41. MisaGoat had her baby!
  42. Baby Zayd is here!
  43. delete
  44. Today is my due date! woke up with contractions
  45. Help! Opinions please.
  46. Still working on a middle name for Sebastian...suggestions?
  47. Finn Avram is here!
  48. help me prepare for overdue ultrasound to see if everything is all right.
  49. Suprize unassisted Water birth!
  50. back again needing to vent for a minute
  51. It hurts to sit! Any ideas?
  52. Probably the dumbest question ever about diaper changes!
  53. Over Due and Wanting to be Done
  54. A little late, but he's here! ADDED: link to birth story
  55. Happy Thanksgiving!
  56. Labor 10 hours--then nothing!
  57. Could you help me out Ladies?
  58. Praying for Annette
  59. Nicholas is here! Photos post #21
  60. Feeling observed, delaying baby time?
  61. Question about clot
  62. Clara Quinn is here!
  63. Did my water break? edit - today is the day.
  64. Nathan is here!
  65. I had baby Silas yesterday!
  66. what does a posterior uterus mean at 40 weeks?
  67. She is here!
  68. I need labor vibes mamas...SHE'S HERE! **update and pic in post 11**
  69. Anyone else 41+ weeks?
  70. Another baby for November...Chambom had her baby girl today!
  71. Our Josie-Pie was born 11/7!
  72. ~*~*~Weekly Chat~*~*~ November 20th - 27th
  73. A week ago...
  74. Marah's birth story ***very long***
  75. Baby Juniper is Here
  76. Our Sweet Baby is here!
  77. No sign of labor...
  78. Better posting late than never! Charlotte arrived on the 5th @ 37 weeks!
  79. our little one is earthside!
  80. Just woke up to TONS of bloody show! He's Here!! Pics ~*~Added the birth story!~*~
  81. Ian Samuel is here!!
  82. Sam has arrived...
  83. I'm in labor! *Update* She's here!
  84. Our son is born! *UPDATED* with our Story and pics #11
  85. delete
  86. i'm in labour!!! - *UPDATED* i had my baby!!!
  87. Regular contractions, but they're not painful...
  88. My boys are here!
  89. Doesn't Baby Movement Slow Down Now?
  90. Maria (avasmom) had a baby!
  91. I think (really this time) that Im going to have a baby soon!
  92. Mzminty had her baby!
  93. TMI- but....?
  94. Should I have a Cervical Check?
  95. Really Mad
  96. How many of us are still pregnant?
  97. TMI warning-lost my plug
  98. I wish there was a clear sign- UPDATE- she's here!!
  99. Going in to have my water broken
  100. And how are your big kids doing?
  101. Demeter (Nic) had her baby
  102. delete
  103. Brigit's Birth Story w/ pics
  104. gift for homebirth midwife
  105. Charlie is here!
  106. August Henry is here! *updated with birth story*
  107. Is this it?
  108. 41 weeks today
  109. Anyone Still Working?
  110. Earth Mama, Angel Baby Product help
  111. We have a....
  112. HeatherB had the baby!
  113. Juliet is here! My birth story!
  114. EarthyAmber had her baby (my DDC buddy)!
  115. Bloody Mucous after Cervical Exam (among other symptoms!)
  116. Hemorrhoids
  117. Can babies drop twice?
  118. **Weekly Chat ** November 13-November 19th
  119. I think this may be it.....
  120. delete
  121. HeatherB in active labor!!
  122. Feeling so frustrated...
  123. Cordelia Jane is earthside!- Updated with link to birth story and slideshow
  124. What would you do?
  125. In major need of positive vibes..sad post.
  126. Snow!?!
  127. Rachel Quinn is here! Complete with doctor/police chase - UPDATED!
  128. Tadhg's Birth!!
  129. C-Birth Mama's Check in here
  130. Experienced mamas...question about peri pads
  131. Pictures of our babies!
  132. insomnia, sick, and crabby.......
  133. Don't want to jinx things this time but...
  134. I need a hug!
  135. MamaPhilly is in labor! **He's here!!!**
  136. Depressed, unmotivated...
  137. Late-Nov. EDD mamas' thread
  138. Still feeling tons of movement
  139. How is your PP Pain?
  140. no induction necessary : ) she's here!!!
  141. I think i might be having *Real* contractions!
  142. gearing up for labor here!
  143. Could you guys help me out & list any new arrivals here?
  144. it's working! finally in labor!!
  145. Our baby boy is here!
  146. Belly Binder - necessary?
  147. Earthy Mama had her baby!
  148. HELP---I need advice---NOW!!!!
  149. what happened to our sticky threads?
  150. High Blood Pressure but no Preeclampsia- will labor start soon?
  151. Our baby boy is here!
  152. Leaking amniotic fluid?
  153. Facebook Group
  154. It might be my turn this morning!
  155. delete
  156. After the birth...
  157. .
  158. Such a mixed day of emotions.
  159. I'd forgotten that early labor can feel like the stomach flu
  160. How to prepare 3yo for the waiting game
  161. The Thread "Sleeping on the couch because my partner is a royal . . ."
  162. Is all castor oil the same?
  163. So it begins (and I don't mean labor)
  164. Changed my username, too!
  165. Can We Discuss Early Labor??
  166. I'm Still Me!
  167. It's my "Due" Date!
  168. So somehow I think I'm in charge of Thanksgiving dinner
  169. Really moody ... how much longer???? (major vent)
  170. Today I cried over peanuts.
  171. My baby boy is here
  172. Pregnancy brain ~ share your stories
  173. Our baby is here! *pics*
  174. Hypothetical question about castor oil
  175. venting-thanks in advance
  176. It's my due date...and I think I'm in early labor!!!! She's here...details in first post....*now with pics!*
  177. ***Weekly Chat Thread November 6th-November 12th***
  178. When baby slows down...
  179. Mom delivers almost 14 lb baby drug free!
  180. Feeling nervous and kind of sad
  181. What are you doing to keep busy/distracted
  182. Where is my freakin' cervix?
  183. Welcome to the World June Agnes! **updated (long) birth story & pics**
  184. Gift for MW?
  185. Lost Plug, now dry- normal?
  186. It's only the 5th of November...
  187. Question about baby's chances of flipping...
  188. my turn. water broke this morning!
  189. It begins for NatureLady! UPDATE post #14
  190. I need everyone to cross their fingers and pray! Lol
  191. Postpartum chat
  192. Looks like I'm next! *she's here!* pics post 31, birth story link
  193. I'm switching midwives.. and I'm 39 weeks pregnant. Help.
  194. I'm officially insane
  195. GD, non reactive babe and possible C/S? HELP!
  196. Oh boy....a vent
  197. Could baby have turned?
  198. suggestions for helping toddler cope with new baby before and after?
  199. I cant stand it anymore! I'm find it impossible to stay zen!!!!
  200. Toddler Funny
  201. What to you look forward to in labor?
  202. Does oral EPO cause contractions?
  203. Newborn eye ointment? Should or shouldn't?
  204. *Almost* had a baby Sunday
  205. delete
  206. Engaged then not?
  207. Jaundice
  208. Water broke; contractions picking up! UPDATE post 27
  209. Skin issues
  210. Josiah James has arrived! *Pic in post 23* Birth story #34
  211. It's NOVEMBER!!!
  212. Labor a trick or treat? Will any of us have a Halloween baby?
  213. Being induced Monday morning!!
  214. Maternity Photos!
  215. Baby Charlie is here.... Added birth story
  216. I have never posted a name thread, but...
  217. ***Weekly Chat Thread October 30-NOVEMBER 5th***
  218. Feeling movement waaaaay down low?
  219. Early Labor, Long Night?!
  220. Stuck for the perfect boy's name - need feedback!
  221. Have you checked your cervix yet?
  222. Ella Beatrix is here!!!
  223. The New Prodromal Labor Club
  224. Breathing
  225. Baby Charlotte's scheduled birthday has been bumped to the 5th of November...
  226. Baby is here!!!
  227. DH out of town at 38.5 wks!
  228. losing weight?
  229. My sweetheart is earthside!
  230. Handing out the birth plan?
  231. Need name feedback
  232. Had My Homevisit!
  233. Faint and dizzy all morning, anyone?
  234. Hoping this is labor...I think it is
  235. Driving and late pregnancy
  236. In need of name help too!
  237. Stabbing pain in the cervix?
  238. i've been living a lie!
  239. The rudest thing someone has said to you...
  240. Middle name & nickname help
  241. dilation and effacement?
  242. Do you make your own wipes? And, how about soap for baby?
  243. Liza Jane's birthday will be the 10th! Eep!
  244. This is my third baby and.....
  245. Hyperactive?
  246. Measuring small?
  247. Feeling Weepy & Irritable
  248. And now the July DDC is up
  249. Belly Binders PP
  250. Feeling a bit aggravated and upset. Am I over reacting? Or is this normal?