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  1. This DDC will be closing
  2. December 2010
  3. still can't find you guys
  4. Did this DDC move?
  5. Belated birth story- Elliott's waterbirth
  6. Daniel's 1 month stats
  7. Has anyone had a PPAF Yet?
  8. How tired are you?
  9. First Day Back to Work
  10. pulmonary embolism postpartum
  11. postpartam question for mama's that had a csection
  12. How do you entertain your other kids?
  13. 19 LONG days over. What would you do?
  14. Ok, cough up your castor oil tips...
  15. Fuzzibunz perfect size pocket dipes on sale at Zulily!
  16. Crying, need help
  17. Where do we go now?
  18. Have you written up your birth story yet? Would you like to see your sweet baby's face on MDC's Homepage?
  19. And the breastfeeding troubles her tongue tie fixed!
  20. Nathan Philip Smusiak Jan 5th 2011
  21. Liam's birth
  22. Best nursing tops?
  23. Connor finally arrived!
  24. Opal's prodromal labor, 2 hour unplanned unassisted birth
  25. The quick arrival of our little boy!!!
  26. The Birth Of Julian: HBAC Became Hospital VBAC
  27. really tired of maternity clothes!!
  28. smusiak is in labour!
  29. Deleted
  30. Water broke!
  31. A Baby For Christmas - the Birth of Fiona
  32. Baby brag thread!
  33. how much does your baby eat?
  34. The birth of Emre Isaiah McClane--HBAC turned CBAC (POSITIVE, BUT VERY LONG)
  35. Bloody show!!!
  36. Happy New Years! Lituya Journey was born this morning
  37. feeling like give up everthing
  38. My New Years Day VBAC baby is here!
  39. Fast labors in this DDC
  40. Elinor Rose Freeland is here! *update & pic*
  41. Had my baby...does it count as a UC if the MW shows up in time to catch the placenta? :D
  42. MW apt, week over due
  43. Think I may be in labor
  44. Our 3rd unassisted homebirth
  45. Baby is here!
  46. Sarah4639 had her baby
  47. tired of opinions (and pic of alden)
  48. Velamentous insertion- Anyone else have one?
  49. Julian is here!
  50. Still pregnant roll call
  51. I think I'm having a baby!
  52. Nathan Skyler is here!!
  53. My back is so out of whack since birth - recommendations?
  54. I have a Christmas baby!!! pic post 7
  55. Had a baby! lil birth story inside
  56. Charlie David is here!
  57. ***UPDATED with PIC post #5**** EMMA MATTILYNN-GAIL IS HERE!!!
  58. Gift for doula
  59. Lachlan Kenneth Dean is here :)
  60. My due date buddy and I were almost due date twins - two HBACs!
  61. Is this considered bloody show? Might be having a Christmas baby LOL
  62. What did you do with your labor beads?
  63. Alden James is here!
  64. Sonrisa had her baby girl!!
  65. Suddenly having hard time nursing on 1 side?
  66. holy moely 8 births in 3 days
  67. Due today...
  68. Grazy101 had her baby BOY!
  69. due date today, and i all get flu
  70. I have a solstice baby!!
  71. Post partum swelling? **UPDATED**
  72. baby is faceing up not down that is why false labor
  73. Paris Nicole has made her debut!
  74. had my baby! lightening birth!
  75. *ahem* bowel issues post pardum??
  76. false start
  77. my water broke!
  78. Adelaide Jane is here and we're finally home! LONG VBAC Birth story inside!
  79. I can't walk
  80. Sebastian Dylan is here!
  81. coughing and vomiting want to naturally induce.
  82. Winter Baby, keeping everyone healthy...
  83. Why won't he latch?
  84. breastfeeding not going well at all UPDATE post 16
  85. Got my HBAC!
  86. Gentle homebirth and waterbith achieved..YES!! (story & pix)
  87. a little late, a little fast... our snugglebug arrived 12/3
  88. Julian Jaime joined our family on 12/9 at 10:32 am (NICU details included)
  89. Roan Wilder is here!
  90. Two hiccups? UPDATED
  91. Ema-adama is in labor!
  92. Woah, that was intense..Daniel was born today
  93. contractions every 10 minutes for the past 9 hours??
  94. anyone elles have this feeling about labor, means WORK LOL
  95. Jack Everett is here!! Birth story & pics added (not a lightning birth :)
  96. Happy Birthday, Jasper Cyril!
  97. My water just broke....
  98. Help me Feel Better About This?
  99. birth/labour buddy is in labour WOOOO
  100. Who is hoping for a Solstice baby? And what are you doing to encourage labor?
  101. less then week for my due date WOOHOO
  102. Anyone heard from lindsey8?
  104. Anyone else feeling very bitchy and hormonal towards the end?
  105. Interesting VBA3C homebirth story from CNN
  106. Anyone Ingesting Their Placenta?
  107. "Squirt" is here! UPDATE post 13 birth story and photos
  108. Effacement and Dilation...good indicators??
  109. Baby will be here tomorrow!
  110. Cohosh Induction
  111. Owen's birth story
  112. Arwyn has arrived! Pic and story!
  113. It's looking like tomorrow!
  114. Miss Avonlea Noelle is here.
  115. water broke! Please send labor vibes!
  116. Sick and Pregnant
  117. drivening at 9months
  118. Stretch & sweep/sweeping membranes: experiences? When would you do it?
  119. Amm.... Bloody show!!!
  120. Maybe the start of something?
  121. I may still be pregnant, but at least my bump is decorated!
  122. Our baby is out too!
  123. you may get LOL at this one
  124. Johannes Kenzo is here! Way too long birth story--post 22.
  125. Had my baby boy yesterday
  126. Yay! I'm not pregnant anymore! edit - PICS added on post 1
  127. Baby Boy is here!
  128. soglad had her baby!!
  129. Jazzmin had her baby!
  130. Postpartum Chat
  131. Still Pregnant? Wanna chat?
  132. Exhausted
  133. William Vincent is here
  134. Better late than never!
  135. been geting some stong cramps, but nothing to wright home about
  136. holiday gift ideas for first time grandparents
  137. Nursing mamas, check-in!
  138. Was at the ER til 2am last night (& still pregnant)
  139. Baby Girl is here! More info below!!
  140. Spotting, plug? How long to go now?
  141. raspberry Swirl - Vanessa birth buddy updates!!
  142. What would you do??
  143. Aaron Lee is here !!!!!
  144. Intestinal Discomfort, Possible Labor Sign?
  145. the beginning? false alarm? my imagination?
  146. Update on me ~ VBAC still possible, but C-section likely
  147. June Elizabeth is here! (Updated with pics in post #2)
  148. Today is baby day! For two of us!
  149. I think I'm in labor...
  150. Nightmare last night
  151. The Divine BABY M is here!
  152. brithing tub is here
  153. Alexander Lee is here!
  154. for those of you inserting EPO capsules
  155. I'm also checking in
  156. A week to go and nothing yet...
  157. Yay! I'm Negative!
  158. really long Braxton Hicks contractions
  159. Cleared for a attempted vaginal delivery
  160. Feeling like an idiot
  161. WifeofAnt had her baby!
  162. I had a baby!
  163. Spotlight on ~First Time Mama~! (last week for spotlights)
  164. Spotlight on ~mahiisland~! (last week)
  165. oh, names!
  166. stretched thin!
  167. intuition about baby's arrival...
  168. water birthing tub will be here in few days
  169. The overdue thread
  170. Baby Today? UPDATED w/ link to long birth story
  171. Baby Bump
  172. Purple Crying?????
  173. Checking in
  174. Aaaaand here come the hemorrhoids...
  175. Eamon's Birth Story
  176. Does this make sense to you??
  177. good link for poeple asking on FB and other places LOL
  178. not baby issue but in the end its about him lolol
  179. Crappy day yesterday
  180. Placenta Discussion
  181. Just checking in...
  182. gushes of fluid and mucus plug all day... now what?
  183. Hey mamas-- I'm home!
  184. wholebreath had her baby! Welcome, Eamon Anthony!
  185. I'm sick of peeing myself
  186. "Stickied" birth announcement/guesses wiki
  187. I need advice/just a shoulder and feel I can ask here since no one really 'knows' me...
  188. The month we've all been waiting for... DECEMBER!!!
  189. Spotlight on ~northcountrymama~!
  190. Spotlight on ~grazy101~!
  191. baby ruby is here! added photos, #19
  192. 4 in one pic of me and my babies
  193. Dh is driving me crazy with the names
  194. please help me...I've lost almost all my confidence and labor is near!
  195. Anyone else taking Christmas off?
  196. Trying to keep a positive attitude..
  197. Baby Zayd is here!
  198. Keeping busy
  199. homemade cosleeper/sidecar attachment
  200. It's my due date and... nothing.
  201. River Kai has arrived (pic)....I am in L &D
  202. anyone back out of homebirth when in labor
  203. Confused about percentiles...
  204. 10 days left! Baby Julian update
  205. wedding rings
  206. To-Fu: Bring the stickies back, please.
  207. "stay in baby" thoughts please
  208. Anyone having contractions?
  209. 36weeks having the DONE feeling
  210. My Abs are so Sore
  211. MIL already driving me nuts
  212. Potentially TMI - Am I losing my mucus plug??
  213. broken rib anyone? This SUCKS
  214. hanging out in L&D at the moment...update back home
  215. fun post poll
  216. What do you have left to do before the birth?
  217. no wonder I'm uncomfortable!
  218. Happy Thanksgiving!
  219. Mamas-- What advice would you give to a first time mama for labor and the first few weeks?
  220. Annette's Babies are here! **SHE IS HOME!!!**
  221. TONS of bloody show. EEK!
  222. Nesting or's gotta get done!
  223. Kegels - anyone else lagging behind the numbers?
  224. herbs for after birth
  225. I am SO ready to be done now
  226. jade is here
  227. Update on us
  228. Madame Zaritska predicts your birth experience
  229. Baby Haven update
  230. sudden tail bone pain
  231. I'm having my babies tomorrow!
  232. I have to be on an insulin drip!!! anyone else????
  233. First time worries - inexperience or intuition?
  234. Baby Girl is here!
  235. Maternity photos thread.
  236. HBers - what organization do you have for supplies?
  237. Who made the nutty granola bars?
  238. Who else has a planned birth date?
  239. Baby Haven is here!
  240. Full moon tonight..
  241. I gave birth on Thursday!
  242. Anyone else in denial that she is actually going to have a baby?
  243. packing the bag - checklists anyone?
  244. I am home now!
  245. Belly Casting?
  246. Not IUGR!
  247. Last day of work!
  248. brichole1214, how are you?
  249. Death by coughing...OUCH
  250. start of bloody show maybe?