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  1. January 2011
  2. It's that time! This DDC will be closing.
  3. Is there such a thing as talking too much?!
  4. Celebrating Milestones
  5. The "I still look pregnant" thread
  6. Has it really been 3 months already??
  7. Hi new to DDC
  8. Extended lochia or pp af?
  9. Demetrios Dalen born 2/7
  10. Long time no see! Clover Ida Eloise born Jan. 27th!
  11. We got the flu!
  12. baby Lily arrived on 1/29, sorry for the late post!
  13. Nipple discharge (baby)
  14. Wesley Mitchell's homebirth 1/16
  15. I had my VBAC! Elise Brielle is here!
  16. Yes!!
  17. JAMES IS HERE!!!!!
  18. Elliott Carter arrived 2/2/11!
  19. Finally - he's here! HWBAC
  20. Anyone else trying/new to babywearing?
  21. Facing possible chemical induction, I need encouragement
  22. Well, My Water REALLY Broke this time
  23. very heavy bleeding returned 12 pp
  24. My Birth Story-Caroline Hazel
  25. Birth Control??
  26. What should be an exciting time...
  27. breastfeeding moms, are you introducing a bottle?
  28. Any other 10 month mamas out there?
  29. Clea Helen is here!!
  30. My turn at last!
  31. High heart rate?
  32. Leaky boobs, favorite breast pads?
  33. DD is here!
  34. Asher is here! Very nearly born in the car!
  35. I had my baby.....
  36. Pablo Alberto...another speedy birth...and boy #4
  37. My Speedy Home Water Birth of William
  38. c-section mommies
  39. Lila is here! 1/21
  40. Today's my due date...
  41. My son was born on 1-18
  42. Adrian Winston's intense birth (birth center, pics)
  43. Abbotts birth!
  44. My boy sure knows how to make an entrance!
  45. The Speedy Delivery of Gideon Thomas
  46. A hellish day.
  47. Still Braxton-Hicks? Or more?
  48. NO homebirth for me...and I can't stop crying about it.
  49. Waiting...
  50. Wendy's birth. Water birth in center.
  51. Fantastic HBAC - Arthur is here! 1/15 - UPDATE now with photo :)
  52. Sharp stabs down under - ouch!
  53. Anyone else headed for 42 weeks?
  54. My little guy arrived today! Surprise UC!
  55. Welcome Hanna Clare!
  56. my little guy was born sleeping at 39 weeks 1/12
  57. Early or active labor???
  58. Caroline Hazel born 1-13
  59. New arrival on 1/11/11
  60. Darn husband
  61. Baby has arrived! Now with photo! :)
  62. katelyn leanna is here!
  63. January baby photo thread :)
  64. Jude was born 12-30!
  65. Jameson Vaughn has arrived!
  66. Placenta Encapsulation?
  67. VBAC Roll Call
  68. Gavin Leo is here!
  69. Sitting at work, quietly contracting ... Rayne Adler is here!
  70. So frustrated!
  71. how are you keeping your mind off things?
  72. Labor snacks?
  73. am I the only one still pregnant??
  74. Corbin Milo is here!
  75. Jackson Reed is here....
  76. Our 4th daughter made her entrance...
  77. Kyle Joseph is here!
  78. Calliope Fern has arrived! PICS ADDED
  79. Why is he so impatient?
  80. Violet Grace arrived...but it was a scary ride!
  81. Scheduled csection, just in time for blizzard to hit.
  82. Who's with me? Small funny rant about men.
  83. Henry is coming today, but............UPDATED WITH PICTURES
  84. When/what to do to induce?
  85. Should I be getting excited yet?
  86. Longer recovery with subsequent children?
  87. blood pressure and thiings.
  88. Talking about induction
  89. Congratulations everyone!!
  90. why won't my baby come out?
  91. 41 weeks and getting frustrated
  92. My baby arrived a little early
  93. Losing mucus plug
  94. My water broke!
  95. 38 wks and dr recommended a C-Section
  96. superfast labor and home water birth, and haha, boing, Not A Girl!
  97. false alarm
  98. angry pregnant lady
  99. Another baby is here! (Updated with Birth Story Link)
  100. Hannah is here!
  101. Jan '11 DDC Newborn Chit Chat
  102. Stripping Membranes
  103. Internal exam, mucus plug, and bleeding
  104. He's here!
  105. Anyone planning or has had a homebirth?
  106. How long after birth will you allow/have company?
  107. I had my baby!
  108. early labor?
  109. One week ahead & 1cm
  110. Just lost mucus plug, 36w4d...
  111. Lexapro or other drugs while pregnant?
  112. Make anything for Baby?
  113. Am I the only one without a concrete name picked out?
  114. Importance of due date for a first baby?
  115. Plans for birth control?
  116. Clueless family members trying to impose on your birth?
  117. Anyone else's Braxton Hicks feel like this?
  118. It's time!
  119. You know you're nine months pregnant when....
  120. I am in pre-labor, I guess
  121. Our arrival
  122. Mini panic
  123. Freezer pictures
  124. Does anyone WANT to wait for baby?
  125. Our little girl is here! *updated with pic in first post*
  126. Ungh, NAAAAAMES!
  127. it was false labour.
  128. I am so over being pregnant!
  129. pressure like I am constipated
  130. Really weird dream
  131. 38 week visit, and odd turnabout.
  132. Well, our little girl is a little BOY!
  133. Ugh, crazy old midwife office!
  134. I feel like a huge....
  135. Our January baby ended up being a Christmas baby!
  136. my hemoglobin is 88.......
  137. breasts itching/tingling?
  138. Water Birthing Centers in North Carolina near Raleigh or Fayetteville
  139. My turn...
  140. So stressed about getting this baby out!!!!
  141. I had my baby!!
  142. I can't take it any longer ...thinking about natural induction
  143. Afraid I won't know when I'm in labor
  144. Hemorrhoids- Its really bad!
  145. Maybe labor? Update #14 (with birth story and pictures!) The baby's here!!!
  146. Not a sign that labor is anywhere near
  147. my turn! (updated with short birth story and link to pics in post #26)
  148. Prayers/ birth Vibes please!
  149. In labor!, I'm now the mom of twins!!
  150. Baby Norah is here! WARNING................very scary birthing experience mentioned
  151. A teensy vent
  152. Christmas hit me like the polar express...tragicomic trainwreck.
  153. no prenatal visits since 34 weeks?
  154. Micah's home!
  155. Why does he keep doing this?
  156. Family/friends helping after birth?
  157. The Twins are Here!
  158. Eventful pre-natal visit today
  159. i am really upset right now (warning - extremely long) [updated]
  160. GBS pos and allergic to antibiotics...
  161. Measuring small & less movement
  162. Losing my plug?
  163. Best Christmas present ever :)
  164. Please remind me why Internals can be bad!
  165. I feel like I have been punched in the crotch . .
  166. protein in my urine
  167. Hostage at L&D A mini rant.
  168. Another Cloth Diaper Question
  169. Veteran Mamas - Nursing Bra Recommendations??
  170. Effacement, dilation, contractions, and bloody show?
  171. No I have not started labor!!!
  172. well, this is fun.
  173. close but not close enough roll call
  174. 37 weeks and finally found a new care provider
  175. What's sex?
  176. My water might have broken
  177. OK I'll say it... I don't want to breastfeed.
  178. 36 wks, getting headaches/too hot/slight swelling evenings only?!
  179. Full Term.. Now What?
  180. How can you tell if you're losing your plug?
  181. Placenta Encapsulation
  182. Pre-e?
  183. feeling so disconnected.
  184. MommyBrain in full effect! Funny story... : )
  185. Car seats?
  186. Can we talk positions, please?
  187. Would anyone like to be pampered or surprised or a baby shower before baby.....but not getting it?
  188. Big hospitals - pros and cons?
  189. 37 weeks!
  190. Changing providers..... at 34 weeks?
  191. Anyone more overwhelmed than excited?
  192. Anyone else GBS+?
  193. How are the working Mama's doing?
  194. sitz bath recipes?
  195. Safety question- Baby Bargains- Baby gate question?
  196. S/O Those planning a homebirth, are you taking a hospital tour?
  197. Token of thanks for baby shower hostess?
  198. Those planning a Hospital birth, have you done a tour?
  199. TMI: Loose bowels
  200. how far dilated and effaced should we be?
  201. 33w5d lost my mucus plug?
  202. S/O: How many cloth diapers to take to the hospital?
  203. Has anyone done belly casting?
  204. What won't you miss about being pregnant?
  205. Best Pads for After Birth Bleeding?
  206. Disposable Diaper Recommendations (to use for the first few days-then switching to cloth)
  207. Questions about DTD
  208. husband loves the doula!
  209. anyone say no to visitors at the hospital/at home?
  210. Shortness of breath?
  211. Vomitting/Diaherria in late pregnancy
  212. sneaking food into l&D
  213. FedEx delivered my homebirth kit to the wrong address
  214. SO frusterated with DH!
  215. anybody dropped?
  216. I think I am getting a homebirth - yea!
  217. Where to buy cloth diapers?
  218. Too late to start hypnobabies home study course?
  219. Food Craving this late in the game.
  220. Anyone else scheduled their c-section?
  221. Pain down there?
  222. Had contractons maybe
  223. Kicked by a pony
  224. 2 new diagnosis
  225. What's the Dress Code for Having a Baby?
  226. Birth plan? What should this look like? (blush)
  227. Back pain, sciatic...?
  228. Spotlight Thread - Get to know Soccerchic21
  229. Tracking/counting movements?
  230. UPDATE Post 16 - Add me to the high BP team
  231. Holy Braxton Hicks Batman!
  232. Jan DDC Poll: Did you find out the sex?
  233. •Jan '11 DCC• •December Chit Chat•
  234. Wanting to switch to a homebirth-questions
  235. Question about taking Tylenol 3
  236. Holidays & being pregnant
  237. Got to see our baby today...
  238. Preeclampsia
  239. Need to vent about my new OB's office.
  240. When do YOU think baby will show?
  241. It's MY Spotlight Thread - Get to know Marisgirl
  242. breech?
  243. I called my midwife - should I be worried? UPDATE
  244. How many& what type of baby clothes do we need?
  245. Prodromal Labor
  246. Out of the mouths of children
  247. Can I just tell you how over it I am!
  248. Who wants my MIL?
  249. OMG i have done nothing!!
  250. Used baby bottles? Used breast pump?