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  1. February 2011
  2. This DDC will be closing.
  3. A year ago....
  4. Anyone want to start a group for our DDC on Facebook?
  5. Happy Mother's Day!
  6. How are you welcoming baby?
  7. Birth control anyone?
  8. Postpartum Hair Loss
  9. mastitis...so miserable...give me your advice
  10. Postpartum period?
  11. I miss being pregnant!
  12. What are your babies up to now?
  13. cosleepers and breast leakers...
  14. sex and other fun things?
  15. Advice - tongue tie & overactive letdown/oversupply
  16. Brag/Rant
  17. elliott's birth video
  18. are their any nurses or lc on here
  19. white noise recommendations
  20. Ugh! The last 10 pounds!
  21. De-Lurking to announce...
  22. screamin in the car
  23. Liam was born March 13th
  24. Baby Acne?
  25. sibling relationships
  26. Pumping Foremilk - WWYD?
  27. Natural birth expectations and reality
  28. Birth story with pictures
  29. Baby Acetaminophen
  30. I can't go near the baby without making her cry :(
  31. Anyone left???
  32. overactive letdown...
  33. Can we talk about PP blood?
  34. our twins are 6 weeks old !
  35. Postpartum Weight Loss
  36. I am covered in milk!
  37. A late announcement - Reese Joy's arrival and pictures
  38. belly button care
  39. Elessar has arrived!
  40. nightsweats
  41. for those using cloth wipes at home...
  42. Antibiotics and Probiotics
  43. Jude is here......a big baby BOY!
  44. Isabella Violeta is here! edited to add pictures and the birth story! :)
  45. here till march 22nd
  46. Babies Don't Keep
  47. What are you loving most???
  48. Where is your cervix?
  49. DDC Tally (as of 03.04.11)
  50. Introducing Daria Eden- aka "the infamous toilet baby"
  51. PP-when did you start feeling good?
  52. SMILES!!
  53. Jasper Levi arrived on 1/26--he's doing great!
  54. Welcome Alice Hazel-Ann! - Now with photos and birth story!
  55. Clogged duct and infection already?! Help please!
  56. Mariana Grace- Unplanned UC VBAC *UPDATED w/ Birth Story*
  57. our birth story...
  58. Our little boy is here
  59. another team green answer!!!
  60. Collin Thomas is here!
  61. Team Green! It's a..........
  62. Birth Predictions versus Actual
  63. Phoenix Lucien Entered the World!...now with pics!
  64. Welcoming Vincent to the world...pic added
  65. A collective congratulations thread :)
  66. Healthy, Big, Beautiful February Babies!!
  67. Did my water break or did I just pee myself?
  68. Evening primrose oil question
  69. Blood in poop
  70. UPDATE on ME
  71. Had my baby!!! My long and unintentionally medicalized birth story. Updated with name & pic!
  72. Madeleine Jamison arrived (a few weeks ago)!
  73. Belated announcement: Thomas Jozef is here!!
  75. Anybody else pushing 42 weeks?
  76. Our baby finally arrived!
  77. At long last,, the birth story and picture link of my Meryl
  78. Mr. Julian Had His Big Day!
  79. I died and am now in ICU
  80. My water broke
  81. Its a boy!!!! updated with birth story
  82. Silas Blaze is here!
  83. PSA- Avoid nipple shield without informed consent!
  84. A friend of mine just experienced a tragic loss...
  85. My twins birth story and PICS ......I LOVE THEM!
  86. Anybody back to cleaning, driving ect..
  87. For those overdue or with *prodreadful* labor
  88. Just made Jump start your Labor Cookies....
  89. Hello Orlando Pierce!!
  90. Achey menstrual cramp-like BH?
  91. If you've gone past your EDD...
  92. Baby Adelaide is here
  93. Hypnobabies check in
  94. Who's Left? Roll call!
  95. Jenevieve Lilith is earthside!
  96. Audren is Here!- birth story snippet and picture #20
  97. Drew Allen has arrived. Already stealing the hearts of many!
  98. Twins are here!!!
  99. Gave birth today. Baby is a........... *Birth story and pics added!*
  100. Baby is here! (Updated with pictures #15!)
  101. Happy Birthday Harlowe Alise! Pics added :)
  102. Who thinks they're going to have a Valentine's Day baby? :)
  103. Anyone else totally lost it?
  104. want a free diaper cover?
  105. trying to find comfort.. feeling defeated.
  106. In hospital...pre e and update
  107. Harrison Thomas: Team Green -> BLUE!
  108. EPO?
  109. 38 weeks tomorrow with the twins, gonna beg for induction
  110. ELV's for Jenne!
  111. Maybe baby soon?
  112. Please- give me some perspective here!
  113. Past due.....
  114. birth story added **I had my 100% natural birth and my baby is a .....
  115. Wow did the doctor really just say that??
  116. Audrey Eileen is here! **Updated with birth story link
  117. false labor real labor false labor real labor
  118. Baby is here! 2/4 *added pic*
  119. Claira Jae had a safe arrival!
  120. Will there be anyone left to deliver on the last half of the month?
  121. Reed Kylie is here
  122. Mae Clair is here *updated with pics*
  123. Another one born
  124. Norah Anne made her debut on Feb 3rd! **Pics added!! Finally**
  125. Clara Sofia is here
  126. The beginning of the end?
  127. Maybe baby in a couple of days! Update #11!
  128. She's breech and I'm Bitter :(
  129. Thomas is here..
  130. So ready!!!!
  131. Baby's here!
  132. Popcorn has popped!
  133. Well, that settles it...tonight's sure to be the night :(
  134. Contractions in thighs???
  135. Maximillian Louis is here!!!
  136. so much prelabor... something wrong or normal?
  137. I think this is it!!
  138. OH no! Changing my mind...do NOT come now baby!!!
  139. Leave for 5 days and... (updated in first post)
  140. Eeeee! Off to L&D!
  141. Any 40+ weekers?
  142. Our baby girl is here...
  143. Soon!
  144. My Long Birth Story
  145. Was this high maintenance of me? and another question...
  146. Lucia Athena is here! Our birth story and pics.
  147. Roll Call Thread FIXED!
  148. mauraa629 - birthbuddy update
  149. Bleeding this morning:)
  150. ************.Birth Story Added************UPDATE#20
  151. Team Green Mamas
  152. Holy crap! I'm going to have a baby in the next 48 hours!
  153. life on the other side.
  154. Meryl Vian! Unplanned, Unassisted hbac, is here!
  155. advice for a 1st time mom
  156. Early Labor
  157. February Chat
  158. It's February!
  159. What is this mystery discharge?
  160. Sore abs...any suggestions- heating pad okay?
  161. Really? I can't sleep?!
  162. Chinese Zodiac!
  163. Ice storm and I think Im in labor.
  164. Restless leg syndrome...anyone else?
  165. Need some distractions!!
  166. Small Belly Measurement?
  167. Babies weight
  168. Baby Eloise is here...
  169. Who is still working?
  170. Okay- now I'm just getting frustrated.
  171. Our twins are here !
  172. Elliott's birth story and photos.
  173. Finally have a baby!!
  174. pixi kisses- is tomorrow your day?
  175. My baby seems perfectly happy to live in my belly forever....
  176. I thought it was Labor....
  177. For those of you who have had your baby...
  178. Crabbiest Birthday Girl Ever Vent
  179. he's here! henry joseph is here! (a little earlier than expected)
  180. So stressed
  181. Bloody Show
  182. Where is my other twin mama?
  183. Cramps?
  184. Compulsive Toilet Paper Checkers stand up!
  185. new baby photos... mamas please share!!!
  186. Still in a holding pattern :(
  187. Elliott is here. Updated with pics!!
  188. OMG, VBAC is back on the table!
  189. Help My Legs Are Falling Off
  190. 9 days ...
  191. PIH anyone?
  192. maternity photos...
  193. Maybe Baby Day?
  194. 39 weeks and lots of labor signs.
  195. So....did my water just break or did I just pee myself???-Update #21!
  196. I Had My Baby!
  197. I need #2 vibes :-(
  198. Birth bead necklace. Pics!!
  199. 39 weeks, no indication of labor
  200. Sweep membranes?
  201. Looking for a woven wrap: Vatani Koira, 4.5m (size 6)
  202. Belly fat question
  203. Pre term labor
  204. Magnolia Louise arrived last night!
  205. Measurements?
  206. Aubrey Rose had her birthday! birth story update #29
  207. Baby Name websites?
  208. Holy growth spurt, Batman!
  209. Hiccups at top of belly?
  210. No labor vibes
  211. Checking the cervix?
  212. Baby Projects
  213. Going crazy!! updated #6
  214. Thumb sucking?
  215. Not Emotionally Ready!
  216. Tiny Baby Clothes are SO Cute!
  217. so you know that feeling?
  218. Do you feel watched if you plan on hiring help?
  219. Something to get our minds of labor and babies for 5 minutes.
  220. Positive gbs
  221. How many twin mamas are left besides me?
  222. Lurker, But delurking to say my water broke! Today's the day!
  223. Funny Pregnancy stories
  224. Where did my symptoms go?
  225. Two more weeks... sounds like an ETERNITY!
  226. So no more BH contractions, I feel good and the cat wont stop pestering me.
  227. Can we talk itchy stretch marks again?
  228. Labor?-- UPDATE #35
  229. posterior contractions vs. reg contractions
  230. Pre-e scare- Updated w/ GD & induction rant :(
  231. Professional maternity portraits.
  232. Anybody else not even started to get ready for baby yet?
  233. Labor sometimes soon signs
  234. Big brother/sister gifts
  235. signature help...
  236. Trying not to get too excited.
  237. Jakob Eli-Cain is here!Updated- For Birth Story see #27!
  238. buying nursing bras
  239. February 2011 Birth Announcements
  240. Intro...
  241. What does an amniocentesis feel like?
  242. new here, and Q about feeling "off"
  243. What to do with really bad heartburn?
  244. Can't decifer these 'pains'
  245. C-section scheduled
  246. 38 weeks...and sick with the worst chest cold ever.
  247. Very itchy Belly!
  248. Newborn diaper stashes
  249. Who is in charge of birth announcements?
  250. Where is my nesting energy?