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  1. Closing this forum
  2. May 2011
  3. the may 2011 ddc continues...
  4. saying farewell to our ddc...
  5. last call for birth announcements/stories
  6. if anyone is still checking out this forum regularly
  7. How's it going?
  8. Please assure me I'm not pregnant...update
  9. Husband's "Birth Story"
  10. red bleeding at 6 weeks PP?
  11. EC?
  12. 8 weeks pp and coffee?
  13. frequent nurser
  14. PP bleeding and more TMI question...
  15. Got a Question please help!!!!!
  16. Memories of Quinn's Birth...My Story
  17. is there any reason not to continue taking my prenatal vitamins?
  18. Is it normal to not be able to put your baby down?
  19. Would you take your newborn to this wedding?
  20. anyone sure that this baby is the last?
  21. postpartum bleeding
  22. My hypnobabies birth
  23. The birth of Ardis Clare (a little long)
  24. The homebirth of Macon--Long
  25. The VBA2C Of Josiah Morgan
  26. Continuously pregnant!!!!!! Tell me about stripping membranes for home birth.:)
  27. Look what I made!
  28. Edie Evangeline is here!
  29. Mateo German - Our Birth Story - Contains details of his birth and death
  30. manny's wild ride part 2
  31. Mateo German - June 1st - our angel was born still
  32. Baby Zephyra born this morning, 2VBAC waterbirth (ADDED: birth story + pics!)
  33. Homebirth Transfer- the story of Desmond
  34. Louisa Violet!!
  35. Accidental u/c of Carden Lonn
  36. Stefano Antonio has arrived!
  37. pre-labor depression???
  38. Honor Rebekah is here :)
  39. The FABULOUS May thread....MAY MAMAs moving into JUNE!!!!!
  40. Marina's arrival
  41. Perfect castor oil induction
  42. Coming down to the wire...
  43. Baby B's Birth Story
  44. I had my baby: Peter Daniel born May 24th, 2011!!
  45. Xander 19/05/2011
  46. Anyone else close to 42 weeks?
  47. Kentley Margaret's birth story
  48. Johnathon Douglas, May 13 ~ long birth story; pics
  49. Learn from my pain, don't take castor oil as a laxative! (let alone an induction helper...)
  50. What is going on-TMI!
  51. Had my baby boy on May 13th.
  52. who's still hanging around??? i'll start...
  53. Claire Catherine is here - med free hospital birth (barely)
  54. HBAC transfer.. CBAC...No regrets..
  55. anyone else suffering from sciatic nerve pain...
  56. Emanuel David's wild ride
  57. Baby Noa is born - long post, short labor!
  58. The. Fabulous. May. Chat. Thread. Week. FOUR.
  59. Silas's Natural Amazing Hospital Delivery *long and with pictures*
  60. Arya Shahin has arrived
  61. Overdue - To induce or not to induce, that is the question.
  62. How to NOT gain any more weight
  63. VBA2C Issues...
  64. do your pets know you are pregnant?
  65. Taking my mind off stalled labor.Due on "Judgement day" Lets come up with names about it!:)
  66. Stalled labor.Need some startup ideas.
  67. Natalie Aiko's Birth Story
  68. Dylan Christopher's Birth Story
  69. help!! artificial rupture of membranes offered...what would you do?!
  70. Finlay Cavan's birth story :)
  71. *UPDATE birth story* Beautiful baby girl born at home, unassisted...
  72. Introducing Ella Jane, born May 7, 2011 (story and photos)
  73. Sonja Rose has arrived
  74. extreme itching and nobody seems to care...should I?
  75. signs of impending labor?
  76. FB group
  77. Rowan Alexander has arrived!!!!
  78. Ashley Sophia is here!
  79. Onset of labor: water breaks first vs. water breaks in labor. Different feeling/intensity?
  80. The. Fabulous. May. Chat. Thread. Week 3.
  81. ideas to help efface...
  82. early labour or just "sore" from the membrane sweep?
  83. Pregnancy, labour keepsakes
  84. Bell's Palsy
  85. The Unassisted Birth of Emerson Rae
  86. Prudence is not so sure she is going to come out to play...
  87. Zoe' s birth story & pics
  88. 2wks n4days old
  89. Julian Matthew is here!
  90. Zinnia mae arrived late monday
  91. Dominic has arrived :)
  92. Introducing Agent Caton Calister
  93. Zephyr Anders is here!
  94. Feeling the pressure
  95. baby girl.
  96. Ultrasound at 38 weeks?
  97. Miss Elliot Marie has arrived!
  98. Baby girl has arrived!
  99. Justus John Mark Has arrived :)
  100. My water broke!
  101. Sadie Grace is here!
  102. Water broke over 16 hrs ago and NOTHING is happening!!!!! Finally an UPDATE
  103. How long from mucus plug to baby?
  104. Our baby boy is here! Long birth story with pics!
  105. The. Fabulous. May. Chat. Thread. Week 2
  106. Officially Overdue
  107. carbo-loading before labor
  108. trying to get things going
  109. Hannah Carol
  110. Who will join me...
  111. Oliver is here. :)
  112. Using Evening Primrose Oil?
  113. Long night at L&D and risked out of birth center
  114. EEK... EPO on the couch!
  115. Baby Eleanor is here!
  116. Contractions, bloody show, lots of mucus... no freakin' labor! LOL
  117. How much RRL tea are you drinking now that you're full term?
  118. Lots of pre-labor signs...
  119. Zoe and I are home
  120. Avery is here!
  121. Baby Kara is here!
  122. I think my baby has dropped but not sure!
  123. what is this kiddo doing????
  124. mucous plug and other hopeful things
  125. April Showers Bring May Flowers..
  126. Early labor... I think
  127. The. Fabulous. May. Chat. Thread. Week 1
  128. On the other side....
  129. What should I eat during early labor at home?
  130. I won't feel this awful forever right? (those of you who've done this before)
  131. garlic & worked!!
  132. Slacking on packing hospital bag...
  133. pubic bone pain anyone?!
  134. I need some serious advice and reassurance.
  135. Emerson Rae is here!!! Unassisted birth
  136. I feel like we are so last minute
  137. food..ugh.
  138. Butt pain? Sciatica? Pelvic Girdle pain? SPD?
  139. More name help
  140. Is it safe to squat?
  141. No BH contractions - does it mean anything
  142. Baby Shower Question
  143. Would anyone like some positive labor vibes????
  144. The Official Baby Photo Thread
  145. Baby boy E- born at home this morning
  146. Might be something, might be nothing
  147. GBS and penicillin resistance
  148. What does your partner think of the belly?
  149. 34w and i hate my hospital (rant)
  150. Can I get your opinion? (baby names)
  151. Can I join the DDC this late?
  152. Labor Music
  153. 35 weeks and extremely exhausted and fatigued :(
  154. Chat Thread April 22-29th
  155. 36.5 wk midwivery visit turned into 5 hour marathon
  156. Membrane sweeping?
  157. TENS
  158. Monogram for Diaper bag- last initial or last name?
  159. GBS Came Back Pos...
  160. How much do you feel your baby move?
  161. You know you're ready to pop when...
  162. Speaking of Chinese Calendars and Babies...
  163. something fun for our Year of the Rabbit babes:)
  164. NST (non stress test): Doing or not?
  165. varicose veins
  166. anyone else's legs feel like jelly?
  167. I hate my clothes. vent vent vent
  168. The stupid/rude/obnoxious things people can say because you are pregnant thread
  169. last minute midwife switch...
  170. # of braxton hicks = correlation with labor starting sooner?
  171. Understanding the Transition to Parenthood in First-time Moms
  172. the SPOTLIGHT is on...lizzie
  173. the SPOTLIGHT is on...GranolaGal
  174. the SPOTLIGHT is on...WriterMom2be
  175. the SPOTLIGHT is on...NYC_CNM
  176. the SPOTLIGHT is on...WeAreAllOne430
  177. the SPOTLIGHT is on...sparrowsocks
  178. How did you known when labor was coming/ had started?
  179. Birth Plan
  180. 37 weeks and clueless on names!
  181. April 15-21 Chat
  182. Placenta plans?
  183. Still unsure of name!
  184. Anyone elses dreams getting weirder?
  185. What sex is your baby?
  186. Birth Announcements
  187. How far before birth do you drop?
  188. Opinions on pitocin after delivery
  189. What is your plan for wipes?
  190. pre-e
  191. Sore sore belly....
  192. I am SO DONE!
  193. Labor Snacks/PP Meal/Labor and PP Drinks
  194. Very late introduction
  195. Bright spots in an otherwise miserable pregnancy
  196. Baby Clothes
  197. My MIL wants to bring my niece with her when she comes...
  198. 37 weeks!
  199. Would you do this so close to your due date?
  200. Measuring "small for dates"
  201. non-mainstream baby book?
  202. April 8-14
  203. When Would You Call DH When In Labor?
  204. Birth center bag
  205. vit K injection...
  206. Vent thread... Where's my energy?
  207. due date buddies?
  208. Preparing to BF baby # 2 - advice?
  209. What will you eat?
  210. Pelvic Pain/Hip pain?
  211. perks and peeves - let me hear your rants and raves
  212. Who's having Webster technique?
  213. What is this? Egg burps & TMI :)
  214. Nesting
  215. april 1-7 chat thread!
  216. headache and nausea?
  217. cervix checkers
  218. Book suggestions for siblings on "how baby is born"?
  219. Intense BH contractions... anyone else??
  220. Posterior Baby?
  221. What are you wearing to your birth?
  222. Hospital Bag
  223. anyone else had painful baby kicks?
  224. Anyone who is always "late" ever go "early?"
  225. Baby name frustration
  226. Taylor sitting to relieve crotch pain?
  227. Who do you plan to notify when labour begins? (vent)
  228. Last chat thread of March, ladies :)
  229. Anyone else's baby NOT vertex???
  230. How to slow down with a newborn
  231. trouble sleeping?
  232. RRL Tea prep
  233. Am I crazy for not doing much to prepare for labor this time?
  234. Alternative to RRL tea
  235. What would you say?
  236. Midhusbands
  237. Is There Anything You Just Can't Get Enough Of?
  238. Has the baby dropped already?
  239. Talk to me about Vitamin K
  240. Anybody else? Names?
  241. Birth announcement etiquette
  242. What are you doing to prepare your body for labor and delivery?
  243. What are you looking forward to the most?
  244. Too late to join the club?
  245. Epic Hugeness
  246. Anyone else not having a shower?
  247. New Carseat Regulations! Keep baby rear facing until age two!
  248. two quick questions for other cloth diapering DDC sisters
  249. Keeping the perineum intact during birth...
  250. GBS+ urine