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  1. July 2011
  2. Closing this forum
  3. We have a social group!
  4. oops! never posted!
  5. Well, for those still around... How the heck are ya?!
  6. Dancing full term during pregnancy WOW
  7. Asher Michael's All Natural Birth Story.
  8. How are you coping with reflux?
  9. DDCs --> Social Groups
  10. Anyone else with brief maternity leave
  11. Help for recurrent yeast infection
  12. How to respond to a surprising question
  13. favorite boob
  14. Belly Wrapping
  15. Birth Story of Clara Jane – VBAC pitocin induction -- Very long winded!
  16. Mrs. Bernstein?
  17. Why would you do this again?
  18. what bad habits did you get into while pregnant?
  19. The Unexpected Birth of Cooper Conoly
  20. Why we are postpartum geniuses
  21. Sweet Lily
  22. Anyone else feeling a little blue?
  23. postpartum question!
  24. Postpartum bleeding or return of menstruation?
  25. It wasn't the birth I planned but...
  26. Seems like more boys born in July DDC- what's the count?
  27. Ok, so now who is left?
  28. Why am I so tired
  29. Doing so well
  30. Theo is here!
  31. pacifiers
  32. Welcome to the world Asher James *updated* with story and pictures!
  33. Brother Mose :)
  34. So... What's your baby like?
  35. Jaundice
  36. Staying in bed after birth - dangerous!
  37. maya Louise is here!
  38. Sapphire Ember!
  39. Dylan has arrived!
  40. Finn William is finally here!
  41. Anyone else ready to strangle their toddler??
  42. The birth of my 4th son
  43. I never really wanted an induction...
  44. Best things about newborns
  45. The Birth of Scarlett Soleil
  46. My baby and I have made it to 40 weeks!!!!
  47. Post Partum Party Line
  48. Birth of Jonah Reid (kinda long)
  49. Picture Sharing Thread
  50. Torn on what to do
  51. Aoife arrived yesterday!
  52. Hemorrhaging
  53. Frances Viola's perfect hospital birth 39 weeks 2 days, 7lbs 5 oz
  54. Anyone else bummed out by *not* being pregnant anymore?
  55. I might murder my SO. VENT
  56. Our son is here!
  57. Mom to more than one support thread
  58. My Beautiful Home Water Birth Video!
  59. Can anti--fungal creams cause baby harm if birthed while treating for yeast?
  60. Ideal birth thread
  61. Baby name drama
  62. The rapid homebirth of Julian- more pics added.
  63. What I am loving about being a new mom. CAUTION: hormone induced euphoric rant ahead!
  64. Avoid induction on bed rest
  65. The Birth of Our Sticky One (LOTS of Pics!)
  66. Can I vent again?
  67. Spinal Headache
  68. 40 weeks pregnant & pole dancing
  69. Where do we go from here?
  70. Not the birth I'd planned, but the son I love
  71. pukers?
  72. Introducing Una Elizabeth (July 19th 2011)!
  73. Korah's UC waterbirth story and pics
  74. Who's left so far?
  75. Team Green!
  76. I birthed a baby boy! - Added story
  77. I am probably the least "mothering" most impatient woman in the world. Induction..
  78. Moving forward from here...advice please!
  79. The birth of Cayden Alexander
  80. Our mystery baby arrived and it's a.........
  81. Baby Boy Barber (no name yet!) Arrived July 10
  82. Sianna Kate is here
  83. I need a middle name
  84. Our hypnobaby Leo is here!
  85. Pictures Of The Labor/Birth Room I set Up
  86. This c/s business is hard core
  87. Biophysical profile?
  88. 40 plus week support thread
  89. Post-Partum Products? Sitz baths and such?
  90. Sawyer is here! (My VBAC rainbow baby!)
  91. Darn it just a dream!
  92. Miles Henry, our little firecracker baby!
  93. The Quick Home Birth of....(Added some non-graphic labor pics)
  94. Poppy is here!
  95. Kayden has arrived :) Updated with birth story and pics
  96. Audrey's birth story
  97. Membrane sweep and then nothing......:(
  98. Mama Cloth
  99. Belly wrapping after birth
  100. Matteo, me and our un-crunchy birth
  101. Is this making progress? lol
  102. Evangeline Faye's birth.....little history....really long!
  103. Filtered Castor Oil...anyone seen such a thing?
  104. It's a girl! Picture posted now!
  105. After Pains for those going on their 2nd 3rd 4th plus birthing...
  106. (tandem) nursing mamas - how's the transition going?
  107. I was ready for baby, but now if it could just wait a week! lol
  108. Name advice for baby boy due in three weeks!
  109. why, why, why does it feel like I'm being stabbed in my vagina????? My super-vent!!
  110. Come on baby....
  111. Pregnancy Leave - yay!
  112. re: feedback
  113. Our baby girl is here - yay!
  114. Should I send DH out for a thermometer?
  115. Samantha Jade has arrived!
  116. OB Prescribed Evening Primrose/Raspberry Leaf Tea. Anyone else taking this?
  117. anyone else overdue?
  118. Baby boy is FINALLY here!! / Name poll
  119. TMI question
  120. Aubrey Jane is here! UPDATED OP W/ PIC
  121. The birth of Jace Isaac. POOOOSTED!
  122. Things to expect after you give birth, for the new mom
  123. Pictures of our babies!
  124. How long will I need help from my mother?
  125. natural labor induction at 37 weeks?
  126. Fourth of July hypnobabies birth of Gabriel Henry!
  127. For mamas who've delivered...
  128. Made my first official paranoid run to the hospital yesterday...
  129. I dilated!
  130. Birthing music- what's on your list?
  131. Some of my diapes are pink--Boooo Hoooo
  132. Hindu Ritual
  133. Gifts for Midwives/Care-givers?
  134. Who's due next?
  135. Baby is here!
  136. Hello!
  137. Baby Jace has arrived!
  138. Crazy sore back.......I'm so ready!
  139. Three hours of Pre-Labor and then NOTHING!
  140. bed rest blues
  141. Eli is here!
  142. surprise birthday... (update)
  143. 41+
  144. Crossing over! ....had our baby girl! will update soon!
  145. Pine tree baby
  146. Could it be time?
  147. food for birth?
  148. It's July Mamas!
  149. Ctxs 4 mins apart.
  150. Today's the day!
  151. One more dose of Pulsatilla 2 days ago and MW confirmed baby is now OA!
  152. New baby checklist for first-time mother: have I forgotten anything?
  153. Quick naming feedback pleeease :)
  154. Birth Plan Help
  155. Precautionary bedrest order... what do you think? Do I HAVE to? :(
  156. What, exactly, is EPO for? What about RRL tea?
  157. It's pretty pathetic
  158. Fluffy Stash Pictures!
  159. What organ is being crushed now?
  160. Where did my cervix go?
  161. Video made by a homebirth dad :)
  162. Not using an infant seat?
  163. Anyone freezing postpartum pads?
  164. Dare I hope???
  165. Does stripping the membranes make baby drop more?
  166. Final Projects? Nesting? Distraction?
  167. Seriously? 37w and STILL no name for this baby boy! Help me, please. :-)
  168. How can everything be going so wrong now?
  169. 37 weeks - baby's growth is falling behind
  170. what do contractions feel like?
  171. Anyone else not looking to give birth before their due date?
  172. What would you do?
  173. baby bathtub
  174. Kinsley Addison is Here! 6/18
  175. Feeling hopeless tonight
  176. About once an hour...
  177. ARGH! Getting close and "intimate" moments?
  178. I need help with a girls name
  179. Belly cast!
  180. Essential oils for labor?
  181. Baby Levi is here!
  182. YOW, pelvis pressure????
  183. soo hungry!
  184. So this diarrhea thing...
  185. I hate everything
  186. Lets Talk Inductions
  187. Maybe tonight?
  188. What are you doing about the mattress issue?
  189. Anyone else having crazy emotional days
  190. What should I wear?
  191. Fun look at fetal development
  192. needing some kind words from knowledgeable moms!
  193. Countdown
  194. My pelvis is breaking
  195. Pre Labor Signs!
  196. Anyone taking 5w?
  197. How do you keep the EPO up there?
  198. WAY TMI...
  199. Tendencies in birth
  200. Handy tool
  201. TMi Thread :)
  202. Pregnant and Over 40 Tribe
  203. Anyone still not have a name(s)?
  204. You Tube Videos for my kids to watch?
  205. Very painful stomach cramps - BH?
  206. My adventure filled home visit
  207. OWOWOWOW! Any suggestions?
  208. My girls are here.
  209. Henna blessing
  210. This is a first...and it's a little un-nerving.
  211. My tub is ready!
  212. Eeks! Cleaning Baby items (clothes, ARC, bedding...) HELP!
  213. My mid July baby is a mid June baby! *with pic*
  214. Labor Projects!
  215. The pressure is on
  216. anyone else think that their July baby is going to arrive in June???
  217. What do you have left to do? A babbling thread...
  218. Legit concerns or scare tactics?
  219. Perineum stretching and dishcarge (and other delicious treats :)
  220. I got some sun *ouch*
  221. 34 weeks with BAD cough and sore throat. What to take?
  222. Baby is here!
  223. Amnio for Lung Maturity - 6/15
  224. Anyone birthing at a birth center?
  225. I hope that this baby
  226. headache causes at 36 weeks
  227. oh, SO swollen!!!
  228. Heart Rate Question
  229. Biophysical Profile
  230. Vit K: injection or oral does?
  231. Insomnia?? Give me a break!
  232. Group B strep
  233. can baby #2 be as great as DS #1??
  234. :( Such an awful prenatal appointment
  235. Got my birth kit today- still debating whether or not to get a birth tub- anyone love the one they have used?
  236. Regular braxton hicks
  237. Help!
  238. Any July babies around the corner?
  239. Great idea for storing breast milk
  240. Seriously with the nausea?
  241. Contractions at 34 weeks..anyone else?
  242. Okay, I was wrong... Time can slow down now!
  243. engaged?
  244. Hiccups?
  245. Cloth Diapers- what else do I need?
  246. Siblings with the same birthday?
  247. Gestational Hypertension?
  248. Agh! so done!
  249. Stupid comments from strangers
  250. Fluid low