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  3. Surge protector
  4. What can people do to get rid of their acne?
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  8. for all mothers with babies
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  18. Is Home Birth for you?
  19. Intact friendly in Southern IN
  20. Marquette Pediatricians
  21. Non-vax friendly doctors in Traverse City
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  24. Boone County Indiana
  25. Southern Indiana
  26. Home Birth Midwife in Akron/Cleveland Area
  27. Non Vax Dr near Kalamazoo
  28. Dentist in Southfield, MI area
  29. Lansing or Flint area VBAC friendly OB or Midwife
  30. In-Hospital Newborn Photography Session
  31. Indianapolis needs a birth center
  32. Looking for home birth midwife recommendations, lower Michigan
  33. Near Bellefountaine, Ohio (De Graff)?
  34. Ped / Family Doc recommendation in Traverse City - non-vax friendly
  35. Family Dr/Ped Reccomendations- Holland/Grand Rapids MI
  36. Moving to Columbus - need daycare and OB/CNM recs
  37. Schools near columbus
  38. Michigan - Rochester, Rochester Hills, Troy area Stay at Home Moms
  39. Rochester, MI, vax friendly pediatrician
  40. Mothers of Multiples Club: Cleveland Area
  41. Pediatrician - Fishers, IN
  42. Looking for CPM near Fort Wayne, Indiana
  43. detroit metro elem schools for child with special needs
  44. Anyone near Lebanon Ohio?
  45. CNM recommendations in Akron, OH
  46. Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area Pediatrician recommendations?
  47. Home birth midwives central Indiana
  48. Orthopedic Surgeon
  49. CNMs who do homebirth in Cleveland area?
  50. Considering a move to Columbus, OH
  51. Detroit area- ABC unit and Hap
  52. Ohio vaccine exemptions and birth centers
  53. Midwives in Indianapolis area?
  54. Natural birth - friendly OBGYN in Akron
  55. Stroller Store - Ohio - Northeast
  56. looking for VBAC provider in Ohio/Western PA area
  57. Doctor Recomendations
  58. non vax doc and mom groups in ashtabula area?
  59. Cincinnati area vbac/medicaid friendly docs
  60. New to Online mothering
  61. Vax friendly Pediatrician Flint area
  62. Royal Oak - Doula Question
  63. Feedback about Two Ann Arbor Midwives
  64. Questions about delivering at a hospital other than where your OB practices
  65. Anyone in or near Columbiaville, MI (northern Lapeer County/western Genesee County)?
  66. Midwife in near Grand Blanc and Flint
  67. Medicaid family practice docs in Pontiac, MI area?
  68. Pediatrician help in Lafayette
  69. ATTN:Northeast Ohio Mothers of Multiples!
  70. NW Ohio/Toledo/Bowling Green healthy living/homeschoolers
  71. Kalamazoo no vax dr?
  72. Chicken Pox in MI?
  73. Midwife in the Detroit area?
  74. Vaccine-friendly doctor In Bay City/Saginaw area
  75. Any Lafayette Area Moms?
  76. Lansing, MI area natural birth options and doula
  77. Blueberry season!
  78. Doula Recommendations for Dayton, OH area?
  79. ISO Homeschoolers in Lorain, Ohio area
  80. I NEED to meet other people in Northern KY/Cincinnati
  81. Dr. Nathan Wagstaff
  82. pedicure for 4 in Fort Wayne?
  83. New to Columbus, OH
  84. Might be relocation to Tuscarawas, Ohio near Canton
  85. needing mom to mom time Auglaize county ohio
  86. Non vax patients - are doctors in MICHIGAN legally required to inform State Board of Health?
  87. Moving to Frankfort Indiana
  88. Dayton, Ohio mother searching for a family doctor or pediatrician.
  89. Need a Midwife in the Midland, Michigan area!
  90. Moving to MI w/8 year old son - suggested locations?
  91. HELP! Can't find a midwife in Upper Michigan Iron Mountain area for a homebirth
  92. St Vincent Anderson Hospital and Midwives
  93. Looking for a volunteer midwife or doula near Youngstown, Oh
  94. Considering homebirth in Cleveland - help please
  95. VBAC Hospital, Midwife and Doula recommendation in Southeast Michigan, Novi area
  96. Toledo Promedica midwives and other midwife suggestions
  97. Natural Birth in the Lansing Area
  98. any Bloomington, IN moms?
  99. Feedback on Victoria Floyd CNM
  100. Looking for a midwife in Traverse City, Michigan...
  101. Looking for my tribe in TC
  102. Mumps outbreak in Columbus, OH
  103. Middletown, Ohio - groups, resources, meetings, etc?
  104. What's up with all these radio towers Southfield / Oak Park MI?
  105. Looking for a delayed vaccine friendly ped / family Dr in Indianapolis or greater NE
  106. Doctor in SE Michigan - ok with no vaccines?
  107. Integrative doctors in Indy or Lafayette/West Lafayette
  108. CNM or CPM in SE Mich...these are a few I've heard good things about, opinions?
  109. ttc but wanting homebirth in auglaize county ohio
  110. Ohio pediatrician pulled my son's foreskin back :(
  111. U of Michigan Hospital - Breast pumps & Insurance
  112. Chicken Pox near Lansing MI
  113. Looking for an OB in Brecksville OH Area (prefer to deliver at Parma/Southwest Gen/Cleveland Clinic)
  114. Cincinnati!
  115. Chicken pox possible at the end of the month
  116. michigan unassisted birth
  117. Twins/Multiples group in Cleveland metro area?
  118. Desperately seeking a Holistic Pediatrician in Ann Arbor!
  119. any expecting mom from columbus,Indiana
  120. New to Ohio and don't know anyone :)
  121. Moving to Metro Detroit, need advice on CNMs that do waterbirth in hospitals
  122. Holistic/integrative Ped or Family Dr in NE Indy or Carne
  123. Midwife Sue Rusk info?
  124. Need an AP friendly family doc/Pediatrician in West Michigan (Holland area)
  125. Improving Birth Survey!
  126. Northwest Indiana/Chicago area in home ABA & autism resources
  127. OB in central Ohio who will attend a vaginal breech?
  128. OB/Midwife in Kalamazoo?
  129. Good dentist for kids in Clintonville/Columbus?
  130. VBA2C in SW MI Kalamazoo local
  131. northern mi midwife
  132. Finding a dentist in Ann Arbor area
  133. Unschoolers in the U.P.???
  134. hypnobirthing classes in Michigan (Ann Arbor, Brighton, Howell area)
  135. need help finding a obgyn in michigan
  136. Doulas free of charge
  137. need help finding obgyn
  138. Looking for Midwife in the Lapeer Mi Region.
  139. Moving to Richmond, IN
  140. Chicken Pox in Metro Detroit....North about 10 miles!
  141. Hello Newly Pregnant and wanting a home birth!
  142. Good Midwives in Columbus, Ohio Area
  143. Doula near Toledo, Ohio needed
  144. Any hospitals in SE Michigan that DON'T require twins to be delivered in the OR?
  145. Jennifer Williams midwife recommendations? Looking in southern Indiana.
  146. new friends columbus ohio
  147. VBAC midwife recs please...U of M vs Henry Ford WB
  148. Kanoe Baby Hammocks
  149. Looking for experienced midwives in Indianapolis or Carmel Indiana
  150. Midwife help in south bend indiana
  151. Can you recommend a hair salon? Pediatric Dentist?
  152. Seeking pedi & pedi/general dentist in Detroit metro area
  153. MD/Pediatrician near Columbus Indiana that is non-vax or doesn't push vaccines
  154. CNM or Birth Center & open-minded pedi in CLE area?
  155. Talk to me about Cleveland....
  156. recommend your UofM midwife to me
  157. need help finding docs/dentists/chiro in mid-MI
  158. Looking for midwife recommendation-Battle Creek, Jackson, Lansing, Ann Arbor Michigan?
  159. UofM canton midwife
  160. No-vax Ped in Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area Medicaid
  161. Homebirth & Medicaid (or bartering, sliding scale etc)
  162. UofM Midwives....tell me what you know..
  163. Need Doc recs in Columus, OH
  164. IHA Menon, ****** and Midwives in Ann Arbor
  165. HELP in Northwest Ohio...need a real midwife or OB thats VBAC & waterbirth friendly!
  166. Searching for CNM close to Livingston County, in Michigan: questions about Medicaid, birthing centers, etc
  167. NWI Porter County Valpo
  168. Integrative/holistic doctor (and natural living as a whole) in the Indy area?
  169. Need a family doc/ped in Indianpolis who is open-minded re: vax and takes Hoosier Healthwise
  170. Massage Therapy & Chiropractic for children-Speakers available
  171. Finding friends in Columbus, Oh
  172. Moving to Northeast!
  173. Comparing Providence's Alternative Birth Center, U of M, and Hutzel
  174. Looking for CNM near Ann Arbor/Ypsi, MI -- Medicaid & insurance questions too
  175. Looking for CNM in Oakland County, MI
  176. new to Indiana
  177. Looking for a new family practitioner that is no-vax friendly
  178. Feedback for Anderson IN Community /St. Vincent Hospital Midwives
  179. Blue Cross Blue Shield covering Homebirth
  180. Columbusites--if you live in Beechwold/north Clintonville, do you like it? Same question if you live in Glen Echo
  181. Midwife left me high and dry
  182. Delayed- VAX friendly peds in Ann Arbor/Canton area
  183. Anyone with good twin hospital birth stories in SE Michigan? Really need some support
  184. Starting a Homeschool Daisy Scout Troop in NE Ohio?
  185. Midwives in or near Marion Ohio
  186. Anderson, Muncie and surrounding areas New Classical Christian Charter School Opening
  187. looking for Webster technique in SE Columbus
  188. Looking for a non-vax friendly pediatrician in Traverse City
  189. Looking for a like-minded renter in SE Michigan
  190. Looking for Monroe, MI tribe
  191. Bradley Instructors in INDIANAPOLIS Area
  192. What can you tell me about living around Marietta, OH
  193. Nurse midwives at Methodist hospital
  194. Vbac friendly doctor in South Bend, IN
  195. Moving to Cleveland Ohio late summer/early fall
  196. Best hospital to give birth at in Michigan?
  197. Childbirth options with medicaid?
  198. Feedback regarding a midwife in SE Michigan
  199. Hotel Recommendation Cincinnati OH
  200. Anyone in Cincy/Dayton area interested in a mom's group or play group?
  201. Relocating to Ohio from Southern California a possibility, need advice!
  202. Moving to Valpo / Valpraiso / Porter County this summer
  203. Columbus OH home birth mamas
  204. Home Birth Midwife in Lansing, MI
  205. things to do in Perrysburg Ohio?
  206. Looking for Intact Friendly Pediatrician in Mid-Michigan Area
  207. Any UCers in Metro Detroit?
  208. Seeking chicken pox exposure near Cincinnati
  209. New to North of Detroit area. Any holistic mom groups?
  210. New to Columbus and soon to be new mom!
  211. BORN Community Midwives- Columbus OH- Review
  212. Looking for OBGYN/Midwife recommendations in South Bend area
  213. Trying to find a good midwife near Dayton, OH.
  214. Looking for attachment parents in Washtenaw County
  215. Looking for pediatrician on north side of Indy who is natural childbirth friendly/supportive
  216. HBA2C in Columbus, OH?
  217. speech delay in my 17 month old.
  218. Newbie here from South Bend, IN
  219. Ann Arbor Dr. Recs. For a Natural Hospital Birth
  220. Indiana midwife
  221. Grand Rapids mamas: any feedback regarding this pediatrician?
  222. HomeBirth Meet Up in Lansing, MI
  223. Looking for a midwife to assist HBAC in NE Ohio
  224. Kokomo IN anyone?
  225. Exciting Indiana homebirth information!
  226. HELPPP!!
  227. Moving to south bend and pregnant help!
  228. Delayed vax/anti vax pediatrician in Summit/Cuyahoga County?
  229. Jury duty in MI - breastfeeding friendly state law!
  230. Home birth or waterbirth help in northeast ohio!
  231. VBAC in Detroit Metro? U of M? West Bloomfield?
  232. Naturopath in SE michigan/downriver?
  233. Moving to Grand Rapids, MI. ISO AP friendly pediatrician!
  234. Living in West Lafayette, IN -- looking for some advice (just pregnant)
  235. just moved to traverse city, mi....
  236. Good Experience @ Von Voightlander High Risk Clinic
  237. Anyone Have Chickenpox?
  238. Dr in the brighton/howell michigan area
  239. Lisa Mix Midwife of Dr. Guy
  240. Are there ANY southern Indiana/Jefferson county moms around!?
  241. CNM HOMEbirth midwives in Central Ohio???
  242. Anyone in the Anderson/Muncie/Indianapolis Area?
  243. Any Homeschool familes near Fairfield Ohio?
  244. Doula Recommendations for Dayton, Ohio area
  245. OB/GYN in South Bend/Michiana (Indiana) area. Looking for well woman care & possible thyroid issues.
  246. Therapists in Columbus?
  247. Help? Moving to Columbus!
  248. Help? Moving to Columbus!
  249. Home Birth in Ann Arbor
  250. NW Indiana - Meet the Doulas