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Sing My Name Personalised Alarm Clock
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                06-06-2014, 05:45 AM by AKPR
                It is a great little present and one that has more to offer than it first appears. The clock is made of a durable plastic and is fairly light for its size. There are several gender specific designs available, we have the pink fairy for girls obviously. It sings a very very catchy song that includes my daughters name, they have thousands of names that you can choose from. She loves it, carries it around the house as it sings to her. It may in time get annoying but is ok for now. You c...
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                Sing My Name Personalised Alarm Clock

                Description: The alarm clock is so cute...

                Available in 6 different designs the clock looks like an old fashioned alarm clock but instead of bells ringing it is programmed to play a song "Wake Up" that includes your child's name. They have thousands of names to choose from and the song is of a good standard and well sung.

                You can connect the clock to a computer via USB to adjust the volume, and you can also add songs from your playlist, so the clock can grow with them.

                I think this is a really good product, I was scared it was going to be very cheesy but it is very well done.


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