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Battle of the Paper Bags Edit
by Catholic Mama Combined Rating: 4.0
This short book is an entertaining, educational puppy book for children.
Pros Cons
  • appropriate language
  • new vocabulary
  • divided into chapters
  • fast-paced enough to keep a child's attention
  • annoying licks (though realistic, I guess)
"Battle of the Paper Bags" is the first book in "The Crumbles Chronicles: Tails of a Nervous Dog" by Laura Scott Schaefer. (Thanks, Laura, for sending it to me to review.) It is written at at least second grade reading level and it introduces some new vocabulary. It is an imaginative, funny peek into a dog's mind.

Crumbles was adopted by a mother and her family in the United States after having been found and flown from Puerto Rico to an animal shelter. He's not afraid to admit that he is often so nervous that he pees on himself. With the advice of the family's bunny and with the help of a chipmunk and a neighbor dog, Crumbles takes on the family's scary paper bags full of raked up leaves. I would recommend this to dog lovers and anyone who wants to learn more about dogs.
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