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  1. Baby
    The day I've been excitingly waiting for, and dreading, has come and gone. My baby boy turned one-year-old last week. My first year as a mother is complete. I survived. My baby survived. And my marriage survived. Related: Is it Okay NOT to Throw Your Kid a Birthday Party? Not only was it the...
  2. May 2015 Due Date Club
    Hey yall, In our Family we start planning 1st Bithdays when they hit 6 months old. Weve already ordered the cake, set the location, and sent out invites (i know a little psychotic). Anyone else already start planning? Im Curious to see what other moms are using for Themes. Were doing...
  3. Life With a Baby
    I'm curious about what other mamas are doing for their one year olds? I'd like to get something special that DD will enjoy and not just toss in a corner to collect dust. What has worked well for you and what was a waste of money? All ideas welcome!
1-3 of 3 Results