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  1. Meal Planning
    Hi all, I made this app for my girlfriend that might also help some of you. It allows you to plan your meals for each week. The main advantages compared to its competitors is that you can plan for an unlimited number of weeks easy swapping of meals configurable notifications for current and...
  2. Family Safety
    Hello everyone and congrats for an awesome forum!:smile: (I'm new here but I have searched this forum and have not found any discussion about this issue, so I decided to ask it) There are many interesting articles discussing the use of apps to allow parents to track their children by GPS, in...
  3. The Childhood Years
    Hi everyone, I'm looking for music apps that is good for young children, a baby soother when it is needed but offers happy nursery rhymes too. No fancy feature required. But it got to be easy of use. Tapping on the endless small button on touch screen gives me headache...:frown: I'm willing to...
  4. Learning at Home and Beyond
    Could you please suggest any useful educational apps for my firstgrader?
  5. Toys, Games, Books, Music and other Media
    Visit our site and download our new application! HopHopClock is a beautiful and simple countdown timer. It motivates kids to finish their tasks in time. It can help kids understand the concept of time. Using this appication can also help children with special needs/illnesses: ADHD, Down...
1-5 of 11 Results