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  1. Education
    My kindergartner and 5th grade kids have been using this free iphone/ipad app called NumberWhiz. I like it because it's very straightforward, it just simulates the Math flash cards we used as kids. No fancy distracting stuff, just plain addition, subtraction multiplication, division flash...
  2. Learning at Home and Beyond
    Hi All, I have been seeing a lot of questions from parents about what the best educational online learning and apps are. We should pool our mama resources and work together to see which ones most people think are best for different ages and learning abilities.
  3. Family Safety
    Dear loving and caring mother, We made a free tool for safe parenting especially for you. It's a mobile app called Pingd that lets your check the availability status of your children in real time. Pingd is a non-invasive, technological breakthrough that lets families see the last time they...
  4. Breastfeeding
    Hi! While working on an app for a friend (a genetics councilor who works with pregnant women), she suggested that the app might also help new mothers. The app is a general-purpose time tracker. Pressing a button records the date and time that that particular button was pressed. Once you've...
  5. Toys, Games, Books, Music and other Media
    Hi, I would be thankful if you review our 2 family board games recently released. Great for collaborative play in the classroom or in the family, with a unique 2d & 3d concept, the apps stand out from existing multiplayer mobile games and, I hope, are really worth your attention and...
  6. Learning at Home and Beyond
    Hi All, School has recommended to use multiple programs for my 3rd grader - Splash Math & Khan Academy. Kids seem to really love Splash Math. I would love to hear what are your experiences if you have used these programs and which one do you find better? Any other recommendations?
  7. Preteens and Teens
    Dad of three and just started using KidAches app on my iphone and is a Free Pediatric Symptom Checker from Saint Peter's in New Brunswick, NJ. Available at itunes and more info can be found What apps do you use? Thanks! Allen
  8. Frugality & Finances
    Hi Mamas, Does anyone know of an app that allows you to look for a grocery item in your local area stores and find the cheapest one? TIA, PJJ
1-8 of 11 Results