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  1. Special Needs Parenting
    My name is Nena Doran and I am a graduate student at the University of Toledo studying Occupational Therapy. I am completing my capstone project at the Ann Arbor YMCA this semester and am hoping to create a life skills program for youth with disabilities as they prepare to transition into young...
  2. Special Needs Parenting
    <p>Hi!~</p> <br><br><p> </p> <br><br><p>I hope you are all having a good is boiling hot where I am.</p> Sorry about the weird format, it went crazy when I edited it.<br><br><p> </p> <br><br><p>I am writing in hopes of getting some mothers' perspectives on my daughter.  She just, just...
  3. Special Needs Parenting
    <p>My DS2 is 16 months old, and I'm concerned he may have some signs of autism. For what it's worth, ASD is very prevalent in my family (2 uncles, 2 nephews, possibly brother). DS1 was very verbal at this age, and very social, so I'm not sure if I'm just comparing when I shouldn't, or if there...
1-3 of 3 Results