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  1. The Mindful Home
    What do you change about how you live your life? What do you keep the same? How specifically would that high price impact your family? We live within bike riding distance of most of what we need, so we'd be riding bikes more than we do, and finding a way to ride them in the winter I guess. Yikes.
  2. Parenting
    Welcome to the Rockstar Mamas thread! Our wonderful group of mamas started following each other in the Charting to Avoid thread over in fertility. Eventually we created "The Whatever Ladies!", a safe place for those of us who were not trying to prevent pregnancy, though not actively trying to...
  3. Frugality & Finances I'm just curious what a livable wage looks like where you live and whether or not your family earns it. We do, thanks to DH's job. But heaven forbid if I became the breadwinner! I have my Master's and still couldn't earn a salary considered "livable" for...
1-3 of 3 Results