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  1. Babywearing
    I'm size 20 and my husband is no slim Jim... We picked up a Snugli for $10 at the local Baby Consignment shop, and it JUST BARELY fits, but it fits. It's a crotch hang, which I hear is bad, so now that we know that we love wearing, we want to upgrade, but I'm really afraid to buy an expensive...
  2. Babywearing
    I've gotten frustrated with the ergo. The body is WAY, WAY too short. I don't wear my 2yo any more, but when I did even with the straps tightened as tightly as they can go, if he was feeling ornery he could arch his back so far that the top of the fabric is at his butt and he's practically...
  3. Babywearing
    When I wear my very chubby 5-month-old son in my new BabyHawk Mei Tai (Front Carry, Front Tie), it seems like the straps are cutting into his legs (at the last step where you bring the straps around to the front and over the legs and tie them under the baby's bum). He does not cry or make any...
  4. Babywearing Reviews
    I just got a GORGEOUS Mai Tai From Baby Hawk. The work is beautiful, Robyn is just wonderful and sweet, She shipped really fast and I am ery satisfied. I just could not be happier. I highly recommend doing busienss with her.
1-4 of 4 Results