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  1. Green Goods
    Among the top reasons women struggle with breastfeeding is a low milk supply. For many women, their supply troubles begin very early and never quite recover. There are many different factors that can contribute to a low milk supply, and one of the most influential is childbirth - specifically...
  2. Minnesota, Wisconsin
    Looking for a family-centered, empowered birth? GentleSurge is now enrolling for Winter and Spring HypnoBirthing® classes in Madison! HypnoBirthing is an easy to learn method utilizing deep relaxation and focused breathing patterns. It is as much of a philosophy as a technique...
  3. I'm Pregnant
    I am currently in the process of becoming certified as a CBE and Doula. In order to complete my certifications, I need 2 more births under my belt. My goal is to complete these certifications by December 31. In addition to offering free birth doula services, I am offering placenta encapsulation...
1-3 of 3 Results