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  1. Healing Birth Trauma
    I'd like to delete this thread.
  2. Healing Birth Trauma
    Dear fellow moms, Please don't read this if you are currently pregnant or haven't completed your family planning yet, as it may be very hard and painful to read. I myself have a very hard time to write this without crying... The following is what I have experienced in a German university...
  3. Healing Birth Trauma
    I am 41 weeks pregnant with baby number 3. My last birth (home birth), was traumatic to me. Shoulder dystocia (baby over 11 pounds), baby transferred right away by ambulance to NICU, and remained there for 3 weeks (meconium aspiration syndrom, several days of intubation, then cpap...). He...
  4. Birth and Beyond
    I am sorry if this brings up dark memories. Please, don't read my post if you have yet to heal from a scary experience-- I don't want to reopen any wounds, but i have questions the books aren't answering. -- I have a few risk factors which my caregiver has informed me put me at higher risk of...
1-4 of 4 Results