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  1. Baby
    Babywearing. You know it's good for baby and good for you, but you're not sure of what type of baby carrier you should choose. Do you want a traditional carrier? A sling? A wrap? A hybrid? More than one for different occasions and parents? There are so many options, so we've scoured our...
  2. Babywearing
    So far in my baby wearing collection I have a 5.6 meter woven wrap and hand me down "sling' that kind of looks like this (not sure the brand)
  3. Babywearing
    I've gotten frustrated with the ergo. The body is WAY, WAY too short. I don't wear my 2yo any more, but when I did even with the straps tightened as tightly as they can go, if he was feeling ornery he could arch his back so far that the top of the fabric is at his butt and he's practically...
  4. Babywearing
    Hi all -- Not sure what kind of answer I'm looking for here.... I have a Moby and one of those Seven slings... and a Maya Ring Sling - I find them all hard to use on my 5 week old kiddo. I live in Guatemala where babywearing is super common and my MIL is here with us and she just flings (well...
  5. Babywearing
    I have 2 pouches, a ring sling, a mei tai and a wrap. I like them all for different situations but there are also drawbacks to each one. What I need is a carrier that I can easily and discreetly nurse in hands free while grocery shopping. I can do that with my ring sling but my back starts to...
  6. Babywearing
    I use my Ergo the most, but I've always wanted to try a Boba, and I love the colors. Just saw this: Has anyone tried it? I was curious about the leg holds.
  7. Babywearing
    I'm a HUGE PPB fan and they've finally released their Ergos. I've got a Boba on order but am really upset with the company and am heavily considering just cancelling the order and getting a PPB Ergo. So, what do you mamas think of the Ergo vs Boba? I'm a plus size mama (22W) and my daughter...
  8. Babywearing
    I am struggling with this and could use some tips! We live in the city so we walk everywhere. But we have some issues: He's a toddler, so he wants to get down when we get to our destination. His coat and my coat are bulky and slippery. If we take the bus it gets sooo hot! Which carrier works...
  9. Babywearing
    I am so sorry if this is against the rules!!! But I thought I would just share with you guys that I saw that Boba carriers are gonna be 40% off on BlackFriday. I am a fan of them on my facebook and I saw the info yesterday. Wish I hadn't just ordered one last week!! Grrrrrrr,
  10. Babywearing
    Hi! I'm just learning to babywear with my 2wo and I'm wondering what kind of clothing you use to nurse with a baby carrier? It doesn't seem like you can just pull your shirt up, so how do you do it? I have a moby, an ergo and a ring sling.
  11. Babywearing
    DS is 8 months old, 30 inches long (90th percentile), and 20 pounds. Up until now I've been using a baby K'tan, which I love. (it's a lot like a Moby, but a little bit easier) I want something that's a little more structured and quick to put on and take off, so probably buckles instead of tying...
  12. Babywearing
    I got a Scootababy a few days ago and can't seem to enjoy it so far. My dd is 13 mths, 26 lbs. She likes to be carried on my hip a lot, but she's just too heavy for my arm anymore...which is why I got this one. I really want to love using this carrier for around the house and quick errands, I...
  13. Babywearing
    get this boba out of my armpits! is it the boba or me? i can't seem to adjust the boba in the back carry without it all up in my arm pits. i'm thinking i just need to go with a non-buckle carrier so i can tie the straps under dd's bottom so the straps stay lower.
  14. Babywearing
    LO is 5 months old and, though I love our Dot e Dot MT, it is kind of annoying to get on and off w/the ties and my back has been killing me! I'm looking into the Ergo or Boba, but open to suggestions. I like that the boba has foot rests for when he's older, but don't think it has a hood, which...
  15. Babywearing
    If anyone has used both the Ergo and the Boba, which one do you prefer and why?
1-15 of 15 Results