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  1. VBAC
    Does anyone know if these homeopathic remedies increase the uterine rupture risk? I am under the assumption that they are safer than the actual cohosh tinctures which I have no desire to try.... I am 40 weeks today trying for an hbac and I do not even plan to try these until 41 weeks BUT with...
  2. Birth and Beyond
    I'm almost 41 weeks and planning the homebirth of my fifth child. I'm fine staying pregnant but if this baby isn't born by my next appointment, I'll have to have a NST and thus starts the looking for something wrong. My midwife suggested using the homeopathics cimicifugia and caulophyllum in...
  3. Birth and Beyond
    A friend from church heard how miserable I have been feeling with prodromal labor everyday, so she gave DH some Caulophyllum. Said that her DIL took it and went into labor the same day. Same with a counsin of theirs. She said she did not know much about how much to take, so she said I should...
  4. I'm Pregnant
    I'm 39 weeks pg & I accidentally took 3 pumps of Caulophyllum 200ch instead of three pumps of a homeopathic prenatal spray & I'm very worried about what the effects could be on baby... The box says that 1 pump = 10 drops (0.2 ml) anyone know if a single "overdose" like that can hurt the baby...
  5. Birth Professionals
    My doula just had me started on caulophyllum (30 ch.) today since my doc seems to be in a hurry to induce, even though I'm a few days past my EDD. I seem to remember the recommended dosage being 1 granule, 3 times a day (3 granules a day total), but the recommended dosage on the bottle states "5...
  6. May 2008
    It's homeopathic for those who don't know. My book says you take 6 doses in a day, if baby is ready it will help get labor started. Then you try again in 2 days. I used it with #3, but honestly don't remember if it Yeah pregnant brain.
1-6 of 6 Results