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  1. Product Reviews by Mothers
    Introduction: Today I am going to write a review about a car seat that I have personally used for my baby and i.e. Safety 1st Grow and Go 3 in one convertible car seat. I brought it for a newborn baby and I am still using it for a 2 years old baby boy. If you are looking for the best 3 in one...
  2. Family Safety
    We're just starting to plan for a trip coming up in a few months, and we will be flying. In the past with our kids, we have sometimes not used a car seat, and other times used one. We've had lap babies and we've had babies and toddlers in car seats. This time I'm bringing a 4-year-old (actually...
  3. Family Safety
    Hi there, My 7 year old is transitioning to a booster with a back that includes a seat belt guide for the chest part (do they all?). After so many years of obsessively tightening, sitting in the durn thing to get the H clip in the right spot etc. it is feeling really weird to me that the seat...
  4. Family Safety
    I'm planning for the future when DD is out of the bucket seat (it goes to 35 lbs so I've got some time). I will switch her to DS' graco myride 65 regardless of the fact that he won't have outgrown it by that point. He just turned 3 and is currently 40lbs and average height. So what seat should...
  5. Parenting
    My lil man is getting to be to big for his 5 point car seat and I was wondering when I should switch him to a booster seat he's only 2 and is the size of a 3-4 year old in height I feel like he would sit in one better because in his 5 point hes always trying to climb out and I cant a just it to...
  6. Family Safety
    DD is 14 months and RF in her Radian. She's in my car most days, but we need a seat in hubby's car too. He drives her at least twice a week (using her bucket that she is about to outgrow). We also travel a fair bit, and don't want to haul the behemoth Radian around on planes and such. We were...
  7. Family Safety
    The other day a friend of mine told me she attended a car seat class and was told that booster seats are not mandatory in Canada. I was in shock. Is this true and why?
  8. Family Safety
    Trying to figure out if it's time to get DD a booster seat but all of the info I'm finding is conflicting regarding age, height and weight.
  9. Family Safety
    This doesn't seem real:
1-9 of 9 Results