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  1. Baby
    An Australian Mom made history as she stood on the Parliament floor and fed her 2-month-old daughter! Queensland Australia Senator, Larissa Waters, takes her role in Parliament very seriously. She also takes her role as mom to her children very seriously. Returning from maternity leave after...
  2. Baby
    A birth photographer created a video to shed light on a problem that hits close to home for many moms - being shamed by family and friends for breastfeeding. Although nursing is the most natural act between a mother and her baby, many people still view it as indecent - something that should...
  3. Baby
    A viral post about a newborn's death caused by starvation is sparking heated conversations about exclusive breastfeeding. You've probably seen the story - a mother is speaking out about how her newborn starved to death because he was exclusively breastfed. Proponents of nursing believe the...
1-3 of 3 Results