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  1. Baby
    Breastfeeding while pregnant is a new experience for many moms. Here are some things you might want to expect after a positive pregnancy test. I never expected to breastfeed while pregnant. My original plans included weaning our third child once I found out we were pregnant with our fourth...
  2. Baby
    I am nearing the delivery of my third child and just weaned my two-year-old within the past couple weeks. To some, this may seem odd, risky or at the least, rare. But to many moms, this is the norm. This is actually my second time nursing through pregnancy, and I am so grateful for the...
  3. Baby
    Am unexpectedly pregnant and nursing an 11 month old. My gyn told me to try to wean him since it causes contractions and then the milk will eventually dry up. I stopped pumping and am trying to stop nursing frequently. However, i am now experiencing engorgement of the breasts and they are...
1-3 of 3 Results