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breech birth at home
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  1. Unassisted Childbirth
    <p>My babies are born quickly. I don't know that it's happening until it's way too late. I have what seems like inactive labour for a month before the baby is born, braxton hick type contractions. But then they *work*. I was almost completely dialated with both kids, for 2 weeks before I had...
  2. Homebirth
    <p>Why or why not?  How about a frank breech?</p>
  3. Parenting Multiples
    <p>I'm 36 weeks. My twins have been flipping all over the place for the last ten weeks, mostly with baby A transverse and baby B breech. I've been doing webster, rebozo and inversions for a month. Last week, I was overjoyed to find that they were BOTH vertex... until it was only for two days...
1-3 of 3 Results