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  1. September 2011
    Sorry if this has been asked already...but I was just wondering who else is using cloth and have you started your stash yet?? I've gotten a bunch of newborn fitteds (mostly on FSOT), 3 PUL covers and two pairs of wool shorties. I am knitting a couple things myself too (cheaper that way :o) I...
  2. Diapering
    I am so excited and thankful for the wonderful advice that I have received here! Just yesterday, we were able to see our little one moving around and confirm that he is indeed an "Eddie"!!! So the stash-adding is to continue! So far, I have: 24 GMD (1doz nb, 1doz sm) 6 covers 1 Goodmama 1...
  3. Diapering
    I'm ready to move to a size medium and I'm trying to decide between getting prefolds with a thirstie cover, or bumgenius pocket diapers. Is it worth it to pay more for the pocket diapers? I was using prefolds with the thirsties duo's during the day with fuzzi bunz perfect size at night. The...
  4. Diapering
    Okay, so I am doing the wash before baby arrives and washed my first load of dipes on the "sanitary" setting (158F !!!!) but just read that I shouldn't do that. Are they ruined??? It was a load of mostly flat diapers (I'm sure they are fine), cotton/flannel fitteds (again sure they are fine), 2...
  5. Diapering
    I was looking at the Bum Genius Flips the other day, but now I'm sort of intrigued by the Organic One Size AIOs. Anyone use them? It seems that the biggest complaint about BGs is that the velcro seems like the snaps on these may make them close to perfect. Thoughts?
1-5 of 5 Results