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  1. Green Goods
    Once again, California leads the way for better maternal health with a new bill looking to give women dignity in pregnancy and childbirth, and to reduce maternal mortality rates especially for black moms. It's no secret that the United States is not a terribly desirable place to be pregnant...
  2. VBAC
    Hello, I am moving to the Fresno area and I was wondering how do I go about finding a facility that promotes natural birth and VBAC in the area? I have options to choose different health plans with my new job and I want to choose one that supports VBAC but I am not sure if there is a resource...
  3. California, Nevada
    You will be appearing in short video clips focused on beauty and skincare, as well as suggesting improvements to an exciting new video app for beauty influencers. You'll be working with us for 3-6 hours per week for a month at our office in Santa Clara. This is not a "bikini-shot." You will be...
  4. Pregnancy & Birth
    Helping Families Access Midwifery Care- SB 407 Have you heard of SB 407? Probably not, but it matters to you even if you don't live in California. Anyone who has ever tried to pay for a midwife for an out of hospital birth knows that it is expensive. In California, hiring a home birth midwife...
  5. Intactivism
    Please share with anyone who may be interested in joining this lawsuit. Excerpt: Quote:
1-5 of 6 Results