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  1. The Trading Post
    Hi, my name is Lindsay and I'm part of a team of Illinois high school engineering students working to develop a product to prevent vehicular heatstroke deaths in small children. We have created a quick survey to help us in the design process. It would be extremely helpful if we could get some...
  2. Life with a Toddler
    So.. we all know how much work it can be trying to have kids sitting in the back seats not screaming and kicking during longer car rides. I saw one of my friends newer vans had one of those fancy entertainment systems that hang from the top of the car for passengers to watch videos..which gave...
  3. Family Safety
    Have you ever had a close call on the road when you were distracted by your crying baby, or arguing kids, or by your cell phone? Well I'd like to hear about it! I am a master student in Sweden, researching cultural aspects of driving and cars for parents with a focus on safety issues for...
1-3 of 4 Results