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  1. Babywearing
    My 13 week old seems to prefer to face away from me while carried. In using the Moby wrap, she seems to need to have her legs free, and gets frustrated when facing my chest. She really wants to see where we are going. I have been wearing her on my chest facing outward with her legs free in the...
  2. Babywearing
    The Lake County Babywearers are holding a FREE event this Sunday October 10th from 12:30-2:30 at the Little Gym in Gurnee. Come learn the many benefits to babywearing, try on many carriers to see which suits you best, get one on one help from expienced babywearers, and learn how to safely wear...
  3. Babywearing
    Hello! I was wondering if the Ergo backpack would fit on other packs such as the Pikkolo? TIA!
  4. Babywearing Reviews
    Product name: Catbird Pikkolo Brief description of product: A cross between a soft structured carrier and a mei tai. Shoulder straps have memory foam, waist band is unpaded. Width of carrier is adjustable. Comes with detachable sleep hood. Can be used for front carry (facing in and out), side...
1-4 of 4 Results