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charter school
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  1. Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska
    Good morning ladies, Back in 2013 I posted in this forum about a new Fort Collins charter school offering education inspired by Waldorf methods and sustainable living practices called Mountain Sage Community School. At the time we were just opening, and I wanted share the good news. Today I'm...
  2. Waldorf
    Good morning mamas, I wanted to let you know about our amazing charter school in Fort Collins, CO. It's called Mountain Sage Community School, and is inspired by Waldorf education and sustainable living. We are in our second year of operation after a 5 year journey to open, and we are doing...
  3. Other
    By Rita Brhel, The Attached Family, reprinted with permission by Attachment Parenting International. It's amazing how far our understanding of children has come in the last two decades since 1994, when Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker cofounded Attachment Parenting International (API). I was...
1-3 of 3 Results