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  1. Single Parenting
    Hi everyone! I and my spouse divorced 5 months ago. We have a 5 years old child Hanna, who lives with me. But now my ex wants her to relocate from our state, NJ, to New York. Of course, as her mother, I don't want to let Hanna go with him. I read the article about this case (Can a Custodial...
  2. Family Life
    Divorce is never easy on children, but a new study shows just how devastating the effects of a contentious separation can be on a child's long-term health. A new study from Carnegie Mellon University shows that children whose parents were not on speaking terms after a separation were more than...
  3. Family Life
    Coping with a divorce may seem impossible, especially if you're a child. Our writer offers positive co-parenting tips to help you build a new healthy family dynamic. When my marriage ended, it felt like an enormous window had spectacularly exploded and rained down on me. I stood there in an...
1-3 of 3 Results