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  1. The Childhood Years
    I am looking for a book for a 9 yo boy. Something funny would be nice but it doesn't have to be. TIA.
  2. Parenting
    This is the flip side of "children's books I hate." I LOVE love <3 The Very Hungry Caterpillar Where The Wild Things Are A book by the author of Little Bear called No Fighting No Biting that I loved when I was a kid In The Night Kitchen
  3. The Childhood Years
    I've just recently stumbled upon the secular humanist and freethinker philosophies, and I really jive with them. I wonder if anyone has book recommendations that would lean in this direction for young kids. Chapter books and picture books are fine. Thanks!
  4. Parenting
    I don't like The Giving Tree. There, I admitted it. People say it's a story of love, but it seems like some kind of dysfunctional relationship with a martyr to me. I just don't like it. What children's books do you dislike?
  5. Parenting
    Can you all help me compile a good list of books for girls of various ages? Like empowering books, books with strong female characters, books that go against expectations of girly, and books that girls just love. I'll start with a few: Young children: The Paper Bag Princess Tatterhood...
  6. The Childhood Years
    My 7 year old daughter is always guessing at words and refusing to look and sound out the letters. At the end of Kindergarten her teacher told me she was at the beginning of the 1st grade level for reading...... I'm at a loss as to why then she struggles sooo much and gives up over simple...
  7. Parenting
    This is light but cute. She's a pretty free range isn't she? Those kids were left alone for a while. Quote:
  8. Life with a Toddler
    What would you do? Ds (just turned 2) is bored by super simple bedtime books, but seems to be getting upset with the content of more advanced books. For example his grandpa got him this 3D adaptation of the Jungle Book. He loves it and requests to read it often, but he gets upset with the...
  9. The Childhood Years
    Hi Everyone! My son is five and a half and while we've read every night since he was born, it's always been smaller story books. He would fight me if I tried to read a chapter book because of the lack of pictures and the fact that they take too long. Story time was getting frustrating for me...
  10. Parenting the Gifted Child
    Not sure if my child is gifted, but he shows a few interesting qualities. He is bright, but we are not looking to have him tested for giftedness. He has been diagnosed with Aspergers. I thought this the best place to post my question, because of the topic and relevance. He is currently...
  11. Adoptive and Foster Parenting
    My 7 yr old daughters favorite adoption themed books are sweet moon baby and the red thread, even though they are both more relevant to international adoption and she was adopted domestically. I think she must like the whimsical/fairy tale theme to both of them. I like to have a few adoption...
  12. The Childhood Years
    We have many, many books (thank you Goodwill and those parents of good taste who donate!) It's hard for me to put up old favorites even as they are enjoy more complex tales. So we still enjoy the odd Sandra Boynton or Very Hungry Caterpillar and the like. Should I start putting away the old...
1-13 of 14 Results