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  1. Midwives
    We are currently living in Austin, Texas, but during my first trimester we will be moving to the Portland, Oregon area (probably a little outside of town). I am very excited about the move, but I want to plan on having as many preparations made for myself beforehand as possible. I at least want...
  2. Midwives
    From what I hear having a baby in the Bahamas is a very limited deal. We live on a 65' sailboat and were planning on giving birth to our third child in a hospital on Nassau, but from what I've heard it's a BAD idea. Instead I've been looking into having a natural birth on our boat at a marina in...
  3. Midwives
    hey! wonder if anyone knows of a good mw close to great falls mt? im looking for the right one, & would love to hear from anyone who has used any of them, & id like to know who all is available- thanks!
  4. Midwives
    Hello all, I came to this forum after a long and hopeless search for a CMN in my area that offers home births. We just moved here few months ago and I found out I am pregnant last week. every practice I called either doesn't have no midwives or doesn't do home births or doesnt return my call :(...
  5. Midwives
    Hi everyone I live in St Clair County. I am looking for a CNM or CPM. I do not want a hospital birth and I am still iffy on home births... I would really love to find a birthing center. I have gotten some great information on The Farm in Tennessee but from where I am that's a 3.5 hour drive...
  6. Indiana, Ohio, Michigan
    Hello, I am a young/first time mom, and I am thinking of getting a homebirth, although I am not quite decided yet. I would appreciate any guidance you all could offer me in finding the best possible midwives for my first birth. I heard very good things about a certain Becky Frye from...
  7. Midwives
    I do not want an OB or hospital birth this time. I would do just about anything to stay away from that this time around. We had a terrible experience with my first. Does anyone know of any midwives in the Orange County area that could be really open to payments or maybe even having some type of...
  8. Midwives
    We are moving there and I'm due in April. The Homebirth laws in PA are a little funny so it seems they are few and far between. Any recommendation would be appreciated.
  9. Midwives
    Hello, I'm looking for a midwife for a home delivery in the middle of December. I live in the US, Pensacola, Florida, and I couldn't find anybody in Pensacola area so far. So, I'm looking for a travelling midwife, preferably licensed in Florida (but not necessary). I would Greatly appreciate...
  10. Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas
    I'm not pregnant, just doing research to plan way in advance for the birth of my second child. How can I find midwives who will/can attend homebirths in Baton Rouge, Louisiana? Thanks!
  11. Midwives
    Hi! My name is Kate, and my husband and I are getting ready to start our family. No due date yet -- but we figure we should start getting to know the midwives and doulas in the area before we're "on the clock." Any recommendations as to who I should check out? Thank you!
  12. Midwives
    Hello, I'm in Elko, NV and looking for a midwife, who would attend my home birth. I'm 26, FTM, no complications and expect a normal birth in mid September. If you know of a midwife, who would travel from Reno, Salt Lake or Twin Falls, please let me know. Thank you so much!
  13. Midwives
    Looking for a midwife in the great state of Rhode Island. I'm 7 weeks and beginning the search. Hope to hear back from someone soon! Happy Summer Solstice!
  14. Midwives
    Hello! I'm in the beginning stages of looking for a midwife. I'm 7 weeks tomorrow. Wondering if anyone on this board is a midwife who services the Newport RI area? If so, send me a flare, thank you! Grateful Soon-to-Be Mama
  15. Midwives
    I am writing on behalf of a wide coalition of women's advocates: Mass. Midwives Alliance, Mass. Friends of Midwives, Our Bodies Ourselves, the Mass. Women's Bar Association, MA ACLU, and Amnesty International. In this new 2013-2014 Legislative Session, we are again advocating for "An Act...
  16. Midwives
    Hi, I'm looking for midwife and good hospital for delivery? We live in Rockville centre, Long Island. Any recommendations?
  17. Midwives
    I am considering moving with my husband to Connecticut and a registered midwife from Canada. I am just wondering how certified professional midwives practice/function? Do they carry liability insurance? How much do they charge? What costs do they need to cover? Do they work in teams? or as...
1-17 of 68 Results