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  1. Indiana, Ohio, Michigan
    My family might be relocating to Cleveland, and I'm wondering how easy it is to find a CNM to attend a homebirth there. I know there are CPMs, but they can't legally carry pitocin, correct? I'm concerned about pitocin because I have hemorrhaged fairly badly with my last two births. The first...
  2. Doulas
    Interested in becoming a doula? There are some great training opportunities coming up from MaternityWise. In October, there is a training session in Oahu, HI. In November, there is a training session in Cleveland, OH. Military and friend referral discounts are available (: Hawaii...
  3. Job Opportunities
    As a certified doula, you can be compensated generously for your services while working a flexible schedule. There are some amazing training sessions coming up in October in Hawaii and in November in Ohio. Military and referral discounts are available. Check it out (: Hawaii...
1-3 of 3 Results