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  1. Learning at Home and Beyond
    Dd will start K as soon as I can get it together! I just am sooooo confused as to what I need. I'm a little afraid to order an entire curriculum form one company for fear she won't like it. What have you used with your Kindergartners all around? I mean I need math, phonics, art, bible, you name...
  2. Learning at Home and Beyond
    Hi all, I am having a hard time deciding on what to use for Kindergarten for my son this fall. I used Alpha Omega Horizons Preschool boxed curriculum this past year with him and we loved it but we will not have the funds this year to use it again. I like the idea of having each day planned out...
  3. Learning at Home and Beyond
    I'm homeschooling, but with the uncertain economy, I want my kids to be ready to go to school if necessary. Currently my first grader doesn't read and I haven't been pushing it. However, I may need the daycare next fall, and I think sending him to second grade unable to read or write would be...
  4. Learning at Home and Beyond
    I'm thinking of starting DD (6 - almost 7) with a simple, 5 word list a week of mainly sight words that she reads, but has a hard time writing. Does this sound OK, or should I just wait a year or two? TIA!
1-4 of 4 Results