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  1. I'm Pregnant I want to design clothing prototype for our pregnant body figures that is absent in fashion industry. So I set a 1min questionnaire about this idea. Thank you for join me at your convenience. Welcome to forward.
  2. Babywearing
    This came up on Europol's Trace an Object, I was wondering if anyone has an idea of what this logo is for. The quality isn't great unfortunately, but I've tried to enhance it as best as I could.
  3. Babywearing
    Hi moms! I discovered really nice shop online recently and my order arrived yesterday ^^ I ordered a pyjama for my baby and I have to say It is beautiful! The material is soft and I can recommend it :) If you want to check it please leave a message and I will tell you how is it names:) Best...
  4. The Trading Post
    I know most people have seen ads that say to do this or that, and get stuff free. We usually scroll past these things, because they look like spam. However, I have found something that is FOR REAL and FREE! Seriously no credit care information. All you need is an iphone or android phone, and...
  5. Life With a Baby
    Am I the only mother who is really into baby fashion? and simply love to see my baby in new outfits and cute clothes? If there are any likeminded please feel free to follow my Kira on her IG profile: kiraswardobedk I will post loads of pictures of her in diff outfits :D Please also show me...
  6. The Mindful Home
    Hello :) Now I am searching online shops where selling items/clothes from merino wool. And I can't find anything.. Maybe you can advice me some good online shops where I could by clothes from merino wool? :)
  7. Reuse & Recycle
    Hello all, I am a graduate student at Philadelphia University and am hoping that you can assist me with some feedback for my capstone project. I am trying to gain some insight on my topic of an upcycled children's clothing line with a quick 20 questions survey. All participation is greatly...
  8. Holiday Helper 2014
    ALL OF MY STUFF HAS BEEN RE-PURPOSED TO NEW MAMAS, THANKS FOR CLEANING OUT MY CAR FOR ME! We have a ton of evenflo bottles (bought the wrong kind) which are glass (thus eco friendly!) with nipples-both 4oz and 6oz (I think its 6oz, maybe 9oz?). Also some newborn diapers by Kissaluv-both fitted...
  9. Life with a Toddler
    I am somewhat frustrated with the selection of boys/toddler apparel out there. I have shopped at Target, Gap, Jack & Jane, H&M. Options are much more limited for boys vs girls and styles just aren't great. Where do you buy stylish cool clothes for toddlers without breaking the bank?
1-9 of 13 Results