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  1. Working and Student Parents
    I'm writing on behalf of my daughter. We have a question. I'm hoping some of you have been through this situation and can offer advice. I'll try to keep it short. My 19yo daughter, Aly, has just given birth to our beautiful granddaughter, Gigi. Aly, her fiance (Teague, 19yo) and lil Gigi live...
  2. Trying To Conceive
    I'm 18 and I lost my virginity just a few hours ago. It was unprotected the second time and he did not pull out. About an hour and a half after, I felt nauseous, I had a headache, and I had mild stomach cramps (didn't last long). Right now I am really hungry. Is there any possible way that this...
  3. Birth Professionals
    Hi everyone! I wasn't exactly sure where to ask this so I hope the right people will see it here. I am currently a sahm to my 8 month old son. BUT I wanT to become a lactation consultant. Does anyone know the best path to pursue for this? From what I gather, becoming a nurse first is the best...
1-3 of 3 Results