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  1. The Childhood Years
    HI This is the first post of a very sad and guilty mom. Please don't judge me or bash me. I am Sad because my 9 year old never wins any contest in school. She is sweet, shy, sensitive and very sincere girl . Her friends are loud, clever and today kids- very vocal , outspoken. She struggles to...
  2. Parenting
    Over the last few months I have noticed my daughters confidence take a spiral down. She has also got into the habit of "hating" everything including me. I have tried doing so many thing for her like girl days, incentives, and encouraging words. But nothing seems to help. I talk to her in a calm...
  3. November 2015 Due Date Club
    If you're a postpartum depression survivor, would you like to talk here about how to prevent it this time around? What steps are you taking? Are you hopeful, worried, confident, nervous, anxious? My postpartum depression was mainly caused by running out of breastmilk for my second child (a huge...
1-3 of 3 Results