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  1. Baby
    One Australian mother's scariest moment with her daughter turned into a unique idea to help save babies, in the form of CPR onesies that share instructions for how to perform the procedure. In 2015, Stevie Skene's daughter Bobbie scared her terribly. Bobbie was chocking on a piece of baby...
  2. Family Safety
    My wife and I are safety minded and risk adverse in general. When we ride bikes, we always wear helmets. When we are in a car, we always wear seat belts. Etc. When our baby started eating solid food, (coupled with putting practically every object he found in his mouth) we realized...
  3. Birth and Beyond
    Hi everyone, I am new here , but I have been reading and re-reading one of the threads in this site over and over regarding babies who did not breathe on their own after delivery and needed CPR had low Apgar scores,etc. I saw so many encouraging posts there of mothers who went through this...
1-3 of 3 Results