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  1. Arts & Crafts
    I crochet a lot because it's calming, for one. So i sell what i create. In the last year, i've noticed my wrists acting up--particularly the one that holds the yarn. Lately, my dominant wrist has been hurting, too. While at rest, they don't hurt, but bending them back hurts like crazy (which...
  2. Arts & Crafts
    I want to make this pattern of a newborn bowl/cocoon but it doesn't say to link the chain in the first round it says turn but then in the 2nd round it says to join with sl stitch so am I joining the chain to make a ring? Or am I going back and forth in a blanket pattern?
  3. Arts & Crafts
    I am just entering the world of sewing and I intend to learn to crochet soon as well.. But I am concerned with making sure that the clothing, blankets, etc. that I intend to create are NON TOXIC to myself and my family.. Since I have heard of all the toxins in dyes and material of many clothing...
  4. Arts & Crafts
    Someone asked to start a new thread.... here ya go ladies.... Day one...
  5. Arts & Crafts
    When I was a kid I used to do a lot of needlework like cross stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, etc. I had always wanted to knit and thought it would be fun to learn with my dd. She is showing a lot of interest in knitting and sewing and has been beginning to learn sewing in school. My dd is only...
  6. Arts & Crafts
    I love hand knit and hand crochet items and would love to see pics! I have not yet developed these skills so I live vicariously through you. Share please!
  7. Arts & Crafts
    I would like to make this poncho, but can't find the pattern for less than $7 and I guess am too cheap to pay that much (though I plan to use nice yarn, which isn't cheap). Does anyone have a similar pattern I can have for free? I would prefer knitting this, but am ok with crochet too. Thanks!
  8. Arts & Crafts
    Am crocheting a nice hat from Drops Design. Don't understand directions row 5-8. They say Continue inc the same way, i.e. inc 10 dc in every round, increase the same place as on previous rounds, i.e. 1 dc more between every inc on every round. Inc as before by working 2 dc i 1 dc-...
  9. Arts & Crafts
    I don't know which is the first stitch and which is the last stitch. Every video shows how to do the stitches, but I can't find one that shows exactly which is the first stitch and which is the last stitch when counting in the round. It's not as easy as knitting.
  10. Arts & Crafts
    see this link: or 42 stitch's in garter stitch, rectangle shape; stitch together both ends of the rectangle creating a cylinder then spool knit a cord to bind the sides...
1-11 of 15 Results