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  1. Special Needs Parenting
    We are moving to Plano Texas area ( we open to Frisco or any nearby area based on school ) . My daughter is having global developmental delay(she doesn't talk or act on instructions) she is not diagnosed of any syndrome but was told that she is having global delays. She starts elementary next...
  2. Doulas
    Hi fellow doulas! I have not been active on MDC for a long time but I used to practically live her, so I am looking forward to being back. It is cool to find all these new forums including one for doulas and other birth pros to network. I live in the DFW area and have been a doula for almost...
  3. Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico
    Anyone have recommendations for a pediatrician in Dallas, TX (actual Dallas- not surrounding cities)? The kids recently got put on medicaid and with baby #3 coming soon, I realized I need to find someone quick since our former pedi is out of our district. I'd love to find someone who is...
1-3 of 5 Results