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  1. Toddler & Child
    Is your child whining or sulking more? While there are a lot of possible reasons, don't overlook the potential that your behavior is to blame. A new study concludes that the more family time we steal to access our smartphones, computers, and TVs, the worse our children's behavior becomes...
  2. Toddler & Child
    While our children can have meltdowns over seemingly anything, the vast majority of these explosions of emotion can be attributed to at least one of three reasons: Is my child hungry? Is my child tired? Is my child sick? Before you totally discount me, think about yourself whenever you're...
  3. Toddler & Child
    My 2.5 year old daughter screams and kicks her heels on the floor in a tantrum. My response has been to try to avoid it, to hold her feet down while telling her to be kind to her body, and also leaving the room and letting her get it out. For the past few weeks she has also been waking up in a...
1-3 of 3 Results