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  1. Gentle Discipline
    So, my cousin is 5 years-old. The same age as my son, well technically my cousin is roughly 8 weeks older than my son. That being said they both are in pre-k, different schools. They see each other a few times a week IF that. My aunt and uncle are not really hands on parents. My aunt, is an...
  2. Homepage Feed
    I'm new here. My 9-year-old Niece, Julie, died suddenly of pneumonia today, and she was really close with my Three Children (8, 7, and 4). I am having a really hard time trying to explain to my 4-year-old that her she won't see her cousin anymore. What can I say???
  3. Family Life
    Death is a word that mamas don't particularly love using...especially when it comes to their own children. Yet, so many of us have no choice because death is a part of our family's story. And while society wants to be gentle with our feelings and comes up with euphemisms so as to tread gently, I...
  4. Everything Else
    Granted it's a buzzfeed article and I'm definitely not posting this in the right archive, however I am really curious to hear both sides on this because I know y'all will know more than me on this subject...
  5. Parenting the Gifted Child
    When I was three and a half, my older sister died of cancer. I didn't know she was gone or that anything had been "wrong" until someone lifted me up to look into her casket at the funeral home. I knew in a second she was gone forever and I started scream over and over that I would never have...
1-5 of 6 Results