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diaper creams
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  1. Diapering
    <p>We've used disposables at night for quite a while...  It was always just easier for us (read: DH).  But I just always found DH reaching for them during the day too, no matter how hard I tried, so I thought, HEY let's make the switch and just do cloth full time.  It's not like we don't have...
  2. Diapering
    <p>Our DD has had a rash for several months on her belly and upper thighs. The Dr thought is was from external causes. We use only natural scent-free etc soap (laundry and bath, no lotions or any other thing) so I find it hard to figure. BUT I just realized that the rash may have coinsidered...
  3. Women's Health
    <p>We CD and have been without diaper rash for 11 months.  Suddenly DD has developed a blistered rash on her vulva.  I have stripped my diapers but the rash is not clearing up.  I felt it was clearing and then flared up again.  The blisters opened and the redness was almost gone.  There are...
1-3 of 3 Results