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  1. Baby
    Diaper rash isn't fun for Mama or Baby! Good news, though - there are several home remedies that can take your baby's diaper rash blues away. Diaper rash typically occurs because of moisture exposure on your baby's bottom, chaffing from the fabric or material of your baby's diaper or even...
  2. Toddler Health
    For about four months now my 18month old gets frequent and terrible diaper rashes. I've tried everything I can think of but nothing seems to take care of the problem. I've gone from generic diapers to Huggies, cut back on sugar intake, changed diapers frequently, etc... I'm left wondering if...
  3. Diapering
    Diaper rash must have to be prevented; it is the cause of worry of the parents. But how parents can do the job perfectly! Diaper rashes annoy the baby very much, it appears onto the bottom of the baby that irritates the baby as well as makes the baby sick sometimes. So, following may be the...
  4. Diapering
    It is quite necessary to wearing a diaper to the babies. But it has a remarkable side affect and that is Diaper Rash. Generally diaper rashes are appear onto the bottom of the baby, and also other parts of the body. Following aspects are mostly responsible for appearing irritated diaper rash...
  5. Diapering
    Though diaper is essential for the baby, I don't like to wear a diaper for a long span of time. it's cause of rashes that appear onto the bottom of the baby. When I wear diaper for 3 to 4 hours long, rashes are appear. In this respect I am feeling bad and worried also about rashes. Any mom can...
  6. Toddler Health
    My 1 and half years baby has been suffering from diaper rashes very much. I change the diaper often. But the rashes prolonging onto the bottom of my baby. What I should do for an effective removal of the rashes.
1-6 of 6 Results