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  1. August 2011
    So I just peed and when I wiped, there was a bunch of snotty stuff. Not clear like egg-****** stuff you get around ovulation, but similar to that in consistency. Not just a tiny dot, but a good amount I would say. It's probably nothing, but I just thought I'd ask. I'm 38 wks, 4 days today.
  2. November 2011
    My husband and I are starting Bradley method childbirth ed classes very soon. Since this is our first time around, I'm super excited to learn about what lies ahead! We haven't developed a complete birth plan yet besides knowing we're doing things at home, using a birthing pool, and we'll be...
  3. Natural Body Care
    I am having stink but not staining issues with my mama pads. When they come out of the wash, they look clean, but when I smell them, they don't smell clean. They smell like blood though really like iron (rusty nails). My wash routine is: I rinse them in cold water when I take them off then...
  4. Natural Body Care
    I just spent 20+ minutes looking through old threads and links here on MDC. I used to get the best pads ever from Karen's cloth. AIO, snaps, very absorbant, waterproof back, etc. I still use them many years later. But I need a lot of new ones (especially post partum pads), and that store...
1-4 of 4 Results