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  1. Arts & Crafts
    I want to order some blanks for making/dyeing my own play silks and found these two Canadian companies that I can buy from. But I am not sure what kind of silk I should be buying to make play silks. What sizes work best? Can someone help me out...
  2. Arts & Crafts
    Just wanted to share some photos of a couple of Waldorf Dolls I've been making. The top one was made on an order for a friend. The bottom one was a gift to my daughter (who loves "tween" things and anything black and pink!)
  3. Arts & Crafts
    I am new to waldorf doll making. I'm working on my 5th doll. I keep seeing these Lali Waldorf Dolls and they have little chins on them and they are so adorable. I want to make one like this so bad but can't for the life of me figure out how it's done and can not find any information or patterns...
  4. Arts & Crafts
    I wasn't sure which thread to post this in, but I'm giving away two organic Clean Air Kate dolls on my website. Clean Air Kate is part of the Global Green Pals collection - dolls with an environmental focus. And they are really cute! Anyway - if you want to enter, you can enter here. Good luck!
  5. Arts & Crafts
    Hi, come and see my Weebly with an assortment of childrens toys and artwork that I have made:
  6. Arts & Crafts
    Hello ladies. I posted awhile back with a link to the mamamordolls website. They also make birth and breastfeeding dolls that wear their babies in slings and such. I fell in love with them from the moment that I laid eyes on them. I was inspired-but I had NEVER made a cloth doll from scratch...
  7. Arts & Crafts
    I am making dollhouse dolls- in a style like ryan's room and plan toys dolls. Right now I am planning on using wooden beads or balls for heads as well as hand braided cord (kumichmo) with embedded pipe cleaners (I tried just wire, but the wire moved around too much). I'll use yarn for hair and...
  8. Arts & Crafts
    Last December DD1 got a Waldorf doll for her 3rd birthday (etsy). By the time next November rolled around, the doll was falling apart, despite no mistreatment. Tons of holes in her knit skin, her hair was mostly gone, and her arms were very loose and close to falling off. Her limbs weren't...
  9. Arts & Crafts
    Check out the beautiful dolls I found online: Im especially fond of the birth dolls- but, I would love one of each. I would really love to try my hand at making a similar doll for each of my kids. But I have NEVER made a cloth, hand made doll. I...
  10. Arts & Crafts
    Hello. My dd received an 18 inch doll for Christmas. The clothing is pricey, about $30 per outfit (at least $10 or more for knock off clothes from other stores). I have tons of fabric and patterns but the t shirts are just NOT working for me. I have cut and sewn at least 4 shirts already...
  11. Arts & Crafts
    I'm working on my dd's xmas gift - a sack doll (her first doll). I've tried forming the head now about 5 times and it's still too soft! Am I missing something? Any tips on how to get a really firm head? I've tried stuffing the tubing, I've tried prerolling a ball and forming the cross of wool...
  12. Arts & Crafts
    I can't find the post and I must have deleted the folder in my bookmarks... There's a woman (Maria??) who lives in Europe...Germany?? who makes these absolutely gorgeous Waldorf dolls. She knits clothing for each one individually and gives them names. Anyone know who I'm thinking of?
  13. Arts & Crafts
    My son (almost two) loves to play with an old baby doll my grandma gave him from a garage sale. The thing stinks of "baby powder" and all I can think of when its near is all the chemicals its probably off gassing (really the thing sweetly stinks). Anyway, I've wanted to get him a Waldorf doll...
  14. Arts & Crafts
    Hi, I recently stumbled across this doll called Lali Dolls on Ebay while searching for a desired bamboletta doll for my daughter. I found their site and have now fallen in love with a new brand. They are so much more affordable than the waldorf dolls and even cuter. Has...
  15. Family Life
    Back in October, I mentioned a new feature that we were going to be including in our November-December issue, but I neglected to follow up on it. So here's the scoop: paper dolls. Originally created by our very own Melyssa Holik as a Christmas present for Mothering publisher-editor Peggy...
  16. Life with a Toddler
    how do you (and your kids!) like it? and what about the fold & go castle?
21-36 of 42 Results